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    Hello, I am X9alpha9X. I have been ip banned from minecraft classic server. I am asking if you could unban me because, as far as i know, i only broke through griefed walls and destroying towers which made the server look horrible. Or maybe my account just got hacked. Please, I love that server and i made a house there and I make sure it does not get griefed.

    Ehh wasn't looking since I had 10 anyways. But this one was pretty straight forward lol.
    Hey man. I submitted a ban appeal for a ban you gave me. If you could give it a quick glance over whenever you are free that would be awesome. Thanks a bunch!
    Hi Antecus, i need ur help by something.

    I/Massi1223 get Banned but on the Time i wasnt Online, so i hope u can look at historys of what !Player! done this.

    Massi1223 and i share one IP because he is my young brother.

    Please help me i want to build on our Server!

    Greetings, ShockBuddy!
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