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    Describe the person above you in 2 words

    Blue-eyed backwoods hillbilly.
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    Roll Call

    Wooty, you can say you haven't grown up all you want. You and I are the same age if I remember. Even back several years ago you were smart enough to produce revenue to support yourself doing what you love to do. If that doesn't make you a grown up, I don't know what does. You were a neat...
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    Roll Call

    Man, where do I even start? A long time ago this website/server had a Minecraft community when it was a tiny little game. I had a very young child but got on here all the time and became a part of the community... kind of. At some point I joined Team9000 Casual on Facebook. I get a...
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    PAX South

    I'm new here and what's this
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    Image Thread

    Fuckin' bitches and makin' paper.
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    Image Thread

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    T9K reunion server

    I just wanted to put this out there. I used to play minecraft. A lot. Oxytown was the cornerstone of everything that was great about this server in my opinion. My house was originally right on the spawn, where the portal is now but it kept getting griefed. So I made a house across the bridge. I...
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    T9K reunion server

    I can't connect to server. Is the .info url really the url? Edit: NVM, I am dumb and been away for too long.
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    Wishing to build a PC.

    Here you go. One at a 500 dollar price tag from newegg:
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    DVD Ripping

    I have had good luck with DVD Decrypter:
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    Image Thread

    It has been at least 6 months since I have been on here. Is team9000 dying?
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    Netflix to remove 308 titles on the 15th of November

    I've been really into the netflix documentaries lately. Don't see anything on this list I am going to miss.
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    IRL PICS! (if you want to)

    I've played some blackjack at casinos. You will find that they take several decks and shuffle them together. You will see two of the same cards in a row all the time.
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    Image Thread

    fucking lol'd
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    Question about Contact Lenses

    I've been wearing mine for going on 8 years now. 95 percent of the time I don't notice them. When I first started wearing them they were kinda tough to get in but you kinda learn how to do it and it gets easier. I guess the main thing is when you are putting them in, don't touch the inside of...