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  • If you're youtube is DooMage, I totally stumbled upon you :D
    Also, I miss you!
    From this post on, your cover ahs been blown.
    Take that Undercover Doomake!
    Got bitten by a zombie. Washed my hands. No infection so fa,,,,,.--------.,.-jgkofeaaawtfisfjffffffffff
    red and green u say :eek: wth are u doing? xD i just have photoshop next to minecraft and build each zoomed in part:3
    ur doing it line by line right? i dont like that technique:eek:
    haha x) nah i did like a third and then stopped and then i did the rest in 2 days:) went pretty fast when i figured how to do it the fastest way:3
    I did the last half in like 9 hours hehe, since i have vacation i pretty much spend all my time on mc otherwise i have like 6 hours when school is on
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