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  • So after a couple of years to reflect on life choices I have come to the conclusion that I didn't fully understand why t9k was dying and I vented out of anger. For that, I apologize and I understand now that I am older and more worn out. Life has a funny way of reminding you about your mistakes and mine are numerous. I probably will continue in my inactivity on the site but I did want to apologize for my actions :)
    So as you can probably see I am not really active on T9k anymore. So if you want to chat or something just hit me up on discord. Duces!
    So this year I will be going to pax, I will be turning 24 around that time period and well it will be fun and enjoyable. I hope at least.
    So I may not have been active for like... 2 years lol, but is there another MC server, that doesn't actually have to be classic.
    You thought you could just slip under my nose and follow me without a verbal announcement?

    so yea all that work and hype and talk of change... yeaaaaa I don't know what happened to it. Maybe it is just a lull or mayee it is more...
    I am making a 2 year annerversy blog soonish with some exciting plans for a favorite game series of mine! hopefully reception is good!
    Eh? I wasn't following you yet? Impershibru. I was sure I've hit that button here before.

    We just need to interact more is all.

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