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    A post to keep the forums alive (lurking)

    I check back every so often, I loved this place. Became a huge warcraft nerd. Heading off to college in a little under a month. Life's pretty okay.
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    Curious, how's Ranged doing versus melee and magic in EOC? Everyone I see seems to be melee :/
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    Warlords of Draenor / World of Warcraft

    I recently resubbed and am enjoying Hellfire Citadel. Here's my character: Anyone wants to group up to raid or such, give me a shout. Doesn't seem this community is playing much of it, but it's definitely a good game to check out...
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    Osu! Discussion Thread

    Get 'em. Anyway, I was wondering - Is getting a drawing tablet to play worth it? It would seem a lot of people use them for the game as it looks immensely easier to play with, especially regarding harder and faster levels.
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    Osu! Discussion Thread

    I will never understand how you guys play so fast. Right now, I installed two of the beatmap packs and going down that, trying to get an A if not an S on every level, I can only do up to two stars right now. But seriously, really fun game. Here's my profile: And...
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    Describe the person above you in 2 words

    Sad dog. (I'm not creative :/)
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    The Official T9K Pokemon League

    This sounds fun! I'd love to join in, albeit not a gym leader because I have nothing ready at this time.
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    And that's one thing I really enjoy about the game, plenty of game modes to play if you're not a fan of the 3-lane setup. Sorry to hear that Thee, you'd probably be playing a whole different game from when it was in beta.
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    Ah, but rather, it is a MOBA. 3 lanes and a jungle, though there are several other game modes that are fun. Definitely worth a shot if you want to try something new; Smite is unique in the genre as it introduces a 3rd person view instead of an up-down view that other mobas utilize.
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    How have you been?

    How have you been?
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    So I've been spending a lot of my free time in this game. Absolutely in love with it. However, the only discussion thread on this was something like two years ago, which has fallen out of favor unfortunately. Smite is a f2p moba developed by Hi-Rez Stuidos. (
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    World of Warcraft Playthough

    I am planning on playing an Enhancement Shaman myself. Always wanted to level one but never got around to it.
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    World of Warcraft Thread

    After a week of gearing, strategy changes and headaches, I finally did it.
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    World of Warcraft Playthough

    I must direct you to this:
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    Hey there!

    Hey there!