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  • How about now Godliberator I built 2 structures that are not signs? Please.
    Please do a favor. Godliberator do you mind promoting me 2 my builds are sort of pathetic but one of them are not so can you check them out if you want.
    You need to bring the kerosene tonight so I can burn this evidence before people start asking questions! >.>
    Hey, hey, pretty lady.. where's the story gone to?
    I know you're busy and stressed out, I just wanna know if it's on hold, or dead :/

    Also, <3
    psst. hey, you. yeah, you over there. c'mere a sec, i gotta tell you somethin.......keep your voice down! no-one else needs to hear this! anyway....i'm following you. :p
    Hello Godliberater i'm Gamecool 10 from minecraft classic.
    I want to say thank you for promoting me to cool but i want to know why because i saw your expectations on Amazing builds
    when i only showed you 2 small photos of a work in progress hotel.
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