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    university :)

    university :)
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    Happy Christmas :)

    Happy Christmas :)
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    Ban Appeal

    Hi Caylabloop. Thanks for your appeal. I will get you unbanned this time, but please be careful. The damage to the sprite was quite extensive. If you do it again, you will not be able to appeal. thanks Lzice PS. Still can't get on... Can someone unban please? Appeal Accepted
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    neither can i :(

    neither can i :(
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    Ban Appeal

    Hi Jik I will accept your appeal this time, but this is your last chance at being unbanned. Please remember that your account is your responcibility and that the lock function on your computer is very useful! Lzice PS I can't get on atm because I am on tour, so could someone unban Jik7505 please?
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    Object Carpenter

    large 3d penguin please :) Awesome to have this old thread back in the spotlight!
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    This is unusual for me.

    nothing that I can add to all these wonderful people, but team9000 has a great way of being there for people in their worst times. The people here are some of the truest and most wonderful friends.
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    banned request please....

    ok, Thank you for your appeal. I will unban you this time. please take time to read the rules and abide by them. -Lzice USER - UNBANNED APPEAL ACCEPTED
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    Well this sucks...

    ok, speaking as a stage tech, drink lots of water before going to bed, keep sugar and salty drinks to a minimum. Make sure you sleep somewhere that isn't too cold, and with no air con. If its too dry where you sleep, you will lose all the fluid you put in. also godlib makes some great points.
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    yeah :) on and off, very busy at uni

    yeah :) on and off, very busy at uni
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    Granted, but its dead and starts to smell bad. I wish for a cheese and pickle sandwich
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    To all Facebook users,

    :) Sometimes!
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    To all Facebook users,

    That is a very sexy beast!
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    A REAL blog a la Pixie

    This is definitively the best family I have ever had the honour to be part of. I have said it often, Team9000 is a wonderful thing, and long may it last. I have been through the worst time of my life with you guys and can honestly say i would not have made it without you ALL. Long may t9k last!
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    I'm old now D;

    Happy Birthday mr rem!