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  • Alright. Just popping in for a little bit. *waves* Hope to get myself a connection of some kind relatively soon. Later, all.
    ok, here's the plan. swung by FB and removed a pile of frenemy requests 'cause i didn't reconize people's names. re-request with username...
    I took a tour of the house that I'll be sharing with some random guys for the school year.

    The landlady told me about how they remodeled the kitchen and put in new appliances recently.
    First thing I saw when she opened the freezer door was a box of tofurky.

    mfw :O
    Tofurkey, I'm sorry if I annoyed ya when I posted on ban appeals/ban requests/other stuff like 'at, I was just tryin to help, and I'll try not to do it again, I hope I didn't make anything harder for you as an admin, thanks for your patience, take care! And Happy New Year!
    ...own hazard if you don't know japanese. it'll be a few months before subs come out (hopefully before midyear). Game on!
    2013's new year's batsu is almost here. i might put live or semi-live feeds into the awesomeplayer, but they'll be RAWs, so watch at your
    we've tried doing that before and it's had semi-alright results. most times we'd just have a random movie (whatever available)
    Tofurkey we need to have Movie Nights where we pick a movie that we put in the awesome player and all watch together like we did last night. they need to be planned like Game Nights. :D What do you think?
    Also, eat your spinach. it's good for you. -- i think i'll have a spinach calzone later if i encounter some italian foodstuffs =]
    I ... COULD blame Bugdave, but he really didn't contribute much to anything, so I don't really know. I am what I am.
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