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  1. charizardman283

    StTheo's Vanilla Server

    what happen? I logged in and towny seems broken. so towny screwed up...can I claim Twin Lakes for myself? I think I'm the only one in that town that actually plays from time to time...
  2. charizardman283

    >Makes greentext thread

    God, I was in the middle of class but that almost brought tears to my eyes. That is probably the saddest thing I've ever seen on 4chan.
  3. charizardman283


    I'm probably the only one here who would have this problem, but do you know if the Wii U's web browser supports those features? It's webkit based if that makes a difference.
  4. charizardman283

    Dungeon Keeper free from

    For valentines day, you can get dungeon keeper free from, until sunday. I have no idea what it is, but I'm going to try it.
  5. charizardman283

    >Makes greentext thread

    >Implying it was on topic in the first place
  6. charizardman283

    Official Pokémon Thread

    You know what? I have a bunch of 100% legit groudon/kyogres/rayquazas from the emerald dupe glitch. I could give you one of those if you want.
  7. charizardman283

    StTheo's Vanilla Server

    Well, it exists. And while everyone has their homes and stuff, I'm living alone in a little underground hole.
  8. charizardman283

    Official Pokémon Thread

    Well, the filter for the Poke Bank is pretty good, it caught some pokemon I made that seemed 100% legit, but I think the place they were received was what threw the red flag; I forgot to change that from an egg on route one, even for one of the legendaries.
  9. charizardman283

    Official Pokémon Thread

    I thought the idea was to use the games themselves. (eg, BW/2, X/Y)
  10. charizardman283

    StTheo's Vanilla Server

    dead...? I still log in occasionally, and am probably the only (fairly) active member of TwinLakes.
  11. charizardman283

    Image Thread

    Bahahaha There's a whole subreddit for that-
  12. charizardman283

    Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes

    I haven't been on T9K in a while, so I missed that. I'll add you asap!
  13. charizardman283

    Problem with gif Avatars.

    Fuck, now I really want to see it! Do you have a link to the online file (like on imgur or something?)
  14. charizardman283

    StTheo's Vanilla Server

    Oh god, it's been a while. What have I missed in going onings?
  15. charizardman283

    Amazing facts that nobody ever knew!

    Did you know? About 90% of all threads are miraculously revived after 8 months.
  16. charizardman283

    Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and get a free game

    I'm honestly pretty surprised nobody else knew about this. I think I might have heard about it on /r/efreebies, but I don't entirely remember. Glad to share the wealth.
  17. charizardman283

    T9K Official Game Nights Info Thread!

    I just started playing civ after getting the golden joystick giveaway. How screwed would I be if I joined?
  18. charizardman283

    Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and get a free game

    As long as you inputted your entry before it was closed and asked for the email, you should be fine. But yeah, can confirm they're all gone.
  19. charizardman283

    Vote in the Golden Joystick Awards and get a free game

    Guys. I personally voted last night and didn't get the email until I visited the link first thing this morning. So it might take a while.