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  1. MrBrody9

    Mrbrody9's Awesome builds:)

    first weekend build
  2. MrBrody9

    We seriously need some Awesome+ ranks on classic right now

    we will deal with the situation as soon as possible dont wrry :) srry for the inconvience
  3. MrBrody9

    We seriously need some Awesome+ ranks on classic right now

    theres this and many more there is 1 engi on wish i could help :/ hopefully a awesome+ comes soon
  4. MrBrody9

    MineCraft Build Museum
  5. MrBrody9

    Mrbrody9's Awesome builds:)

    The new globe theatre in cool90 beside the castle^
  6. MrBrody9

    MineCraft Build Museum

    Some of my good builds Enjoy
  7. MrBrody9

    Mrbrody9's Awesome builds:)

  8. MrBrody9

    1Creator34's Build Portfolio

    damn u got some nice builds :) keep it up
  9. MrBrody9

    Mrbrody9's Awesome builds:)

    probably one of my favorite 3D builds yet Weekend projects: Superman witch is in cool 86 check it out!
  10. MrBrody9

    Mrbrody9's Awesome builds:)

    i realized i havent done a sprite in a while so heres a superbowl sprite i dicided to do:) in cool 83
  11. MrBrody9

    this my biggest build to date hope u guys like it

    nice dude i was checking this out before looks great i always used post my huge builds but when i was done ill always wanted to think of something even bigger and better :) look forward to ur future builds:)
  12. MrBrody9

    help info

    isnt awesome chat /staff ?
  13. MrBrody9

    help info

    i find that the /hide command works conrod is always hiding hes like a ninja he hasnt come out of hiding in like forever..... that ive seen if an admin wants to build they could use /hide however if the server gets 2 out of control or theres not another admin on then i would probably go clean...
  14. MrBrody9


    Agreed just at times can be anoying -_-
  15. MrBrody9

    Funny MineCraft Moments

    can u see the difference between pictures ? y do guests like to derp my builds... -_-
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  17. MrBrody9

    NomNom421 - 7 Images! - Enjoy <3

    :thumbsup:some creative builds keep up the good work