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  1. Kc006

    Fill me in on what happened to classic?

    I was just simply not around when classic disappeared. Did the servers get shut down or the gamemode itself? Missing it so much :/
  2. Kc006

    After Effects Enquiry

    Hi all, If there is anyone here that has experience with After Effects, if you can , please respond to my question. I am doing a short action film, and there is this scene where a person gets shot and his blood splatters on the wall behind him. I downloaded the Action Essentials 2 effects...
  3. Kc006


    I've always had a hobby, and that is airsoft. I just got a WE SCAR MK16 CQC GBB from a store in Hong Kong, and a KJW KP-05 (1911) as well. Are there any people in this community that has this kind of hobby? Forget airsoft, talk about paintball as well if you play it!
  4. Kc006

    Team Fortress 2 MvM (Gameplay and Guide)

    For those who don't have it installed yet and are moaning, here is a gameplay video I recorded and a guide on how to play/join servers. Video: Coming soon, uploading. Protips: Heavy and Engineer is boss on this game mode. When you go scout, always use mad milk to help yourself and others...
  5. Kc006

    PAYDAY: The Heist [Buy it!]

    PAYDAY: The Heist is only 10 dollars now! 19.99 -> 9.99 I'm telling you this because I want to make it a T9K thing! This game is worth the price, high resolution graphics and a fun storyline. A lot of people classify this as 'A Left 4 Dead rip-off fighting cops' But I would rather shoot...
  6. Kc006

    TF2 Duel Thread

    This thread will be used to organise 1 on 1 duels in TF2. If you want to organise one, please put it as this format: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I challenge (Player) to a TF2 Duel , Time: 0000 (Time...
  7. Kc006

    I touched the Olympic Torch!

    As you all know, there is a Olympic torch relay going through my town, so, I took my time on a sunny afternoon and head out to see it. Bill, the torch bearer who was waiting for the guy to arrive, is surrounded by hot chicks and elderlies trying to take photos. When he was distracted, I stuck my...
  8. Kc006


    Well I haven't seen a thread like this before so here I go. Post your pictures, comment on them, like them and please, no hate or criticism. Here's mine: Here's mine after editing on my computer: K GO NEW RULE: POST YOUR PHOTOS IN SPOILERS OR THUMBNAILS SO IT WON'T TAKE TOO LONG TO...
  9. Kc006

    WOM is being a biatch.

    So my wom, 2.0.7, the newest version is not functionally properly. I always turn fog on the highest but it still crashes like a bugger. I closed other applications and it still fails. Perfect internet, nuff' said. So gimme some clues. Would there be something wrong with my graphics card? Would...
  10. Kc006

    Aweshumtasticlicious time.

    In this thread, try to post a picture of your computer screens, TV and stuff. To start with, here's mine:
  11. Kc006

    PAYDAY: The Heist Review

    Do you like robbing banks? Do you like taking civilians hostage? Do you like shooting cops? Do you like clowns? Do you like intense gaming? Well, if yes to all of them, then PAYDAY: The Heist is for you! Seriously though, it is a BAMF. This game requires a lot of teamwork, along with good...
  12. Kc006

    Festive TF2 Stuff!

    Ohai there and merry christmas. Have you got your festive weapon? That's mine, yup a spai festive knife. Awww yeah. So what's yours? How to get these festive weapons: You will get random drops of festive crates, both nice and naughty. Sadly, unlike last year, they did not give out free...
  13. Kc006

    Suggestion for New Headphones w/ mic!!!

    So yeah, please give me some opinions or suggestions what to buy, at the moment I like this: So.... what else?
  14. Kc006

    PAYDAY: The Heist

    Fookin' awesome. Buy it. Nuff said.
  15. Kc006

    Minecraft + XBOX = Minebox (not the game)

    Take a look at this shit: love it.
  16. Kc006


    Ohai. Swear on my life did not grief. Some douche on my IP griefed and got banned. Using someone's phone internet. :P pls help
  17. Kc006

    Corridor Digital - Dubstep Guns You COULD not dislike this video. This is possibly the best thing ever made. Needs more views. The music is also awesome, made by Klaypex. Lights.
  18. Kc006

    The Time Has Come

    Yes, indeed. It is time. I am going to leave Team9000 for quite a while because of studying overseas and real life problems. I will get back as soon as possible. To everyone in Team9000, have a nice time and have fun. Well, I will possibly be online on mumble if I can and I may be back on the...
  19. Kc006

    Request for New Zone World (New Theme)

    So yeah, I was hoping the admins to make a new zone world, and the theme is "Roller Coasters". I haven't seen a Zone world with that theme yet so I was hoping the admins could make one. Here's one of mine (unfinished): <-- in a cool world And HERE is an AWESOME roller coaster by darkstyler99...
  20. Kc006

    Something Is Really Wrong With This Child O.o