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  1. doughman364

    Ban Request

    I want to be banned myself. I will miss this server. ;3 I don't do any help for the server that mmuch. and i'm not needed there anyways. Just ban me please to get this over with. ;(
  2. doughman364

    Dream team promotion

    Dream team: BCT2006, FutureGlider, and Tai_K_Yagami. The screenshots aren't available for now. Idk why. Tell me !
  3. doughman364

    ninjaslicer101's application

    These screenshots were built by ninjaslicer101. I supported him with the 2nd screenshot. :D
  4. doughman364

    Nice house I made in an hour

    Please rank me! I worked soo hard for this by the way, thhrom was in this picture. lol
  5. doughman364

    My awesome house

    I have 3 floors in my house. On the first floor, I have a rainbow floor, a table, a 43-inch TV, a couch, and a water elevator. On the second floor, I have 2 balconies, a bed, another couch, another TV, and a glass floor. On the third floor, there is a kitchen, and a library.