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  1. Anaxo

    Alright Kiddos, let's talk about some things (Life Updates)

    Wait... what do you mean asshat? *offended*
  2. Anaxo

    Alright Kiddos, let's talk about some things (Life Updates)

    Ahh yuss, when I was using my friend's account KickingFalcon and we were building the absolutely massive underground rail across the map. Good times. Good times.
  3. Anaxo

    StTheo's Direwolf20 1.12 Server

    I logged on today, met some dude. My name on the server is RustySophist. Edit: Never mind, it's back to Anaxo for old time's sake.
  4. Anaxo

    Alright Kiddos, let's talk about some things (Life Updates)

    Whelp. Just turned 22. Still living with the parents and have no fucking clue what to do with my life. Hardly game anymore, but I was just on steam looking at my library when I saw Starbound was purchased in December of 2013, which led me here. Still hard to believe that was more than four years...
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    dafuq you faggots still on t9k? What's up rsmv? :D
  6. Anaxo

    Cheers for the years

    You know, I've only been checking T9k like once a week for the past few months, and even then, I haven't actually been commenting... I've kind of been expecting someone to make a thread exactly like this. I don't really know if there's anything we can do to bring new members and such; I guess...
  7. Anaxo

    Fill me in on what happened to classic?

    What happened to classic? I'll tell you what happened : We all got on the Classic server one last time and made many-a-Swaspenises. We counted down the seconds until its glorious end, and then we cried as it was sent into the loving arms of Team9000 history.
  8. Anaxo

    first game you loved

    Hmm, the first game I ever loved was probably the original Halo. Though, the first game that I was ever really addicted to had to be Runescape.
  9. Anaxo

    Star Citizen Yesssss, I'm so excited. They've already described the future variants, and I'm super excited about the "news van" since I've previously said that I hope we're able to run our own radio stations/talk...
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    The place where the poop I find on YouTube goes
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    Image Thread

    Feminism dump.
  12. Anaxo

    Red Leader Standing By

    Redneck standing by.
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    Image Thread

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    The place where the poop I find on YouTube goes
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    Image Thread

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    Image Thread

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    Guild Wars 2 Discussion

    Oh, dang. I thought one could just create a new character in any world. Didn't know your whole account was bound to one.
  18. Anaxo

    Guild Wars 2 Discussion

    Yes, we should totally decide on a T9k server.
  19. Anaxo

    Guild Wars 2 Discussion

    Anaxo.8462 Ferguson's Crossing
  20. Anaxo

    Guild Wars 2 SALE!!!

    Yeah, I was installing a network card on my desktop today and dropped my pc because the front plate fell off while I was carrying to a safe place to work on it. I think I knocked the cpu cooler off of the right spot - it was never actually put on correctly because I could never fit it on my...