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  1. Anaxo

    Beseige Creations

    If you haven't heard about it (even though that's probably difficult) : Post your creations here!
  2. Anaxo

    So, I got some cat babies - Help me name one bbypls?

    Cat babies is just a better way to say kittens - don't argue with me on this. (The cat baby in question) But seriously, two two kittens now and I'm tryna think of some unique and awesome names - I've come up with a few, but suggestions are welcome. Some of the names I've come up with are...
  3. Anaxo

    Think that you're not racially prejudiced? Watch this.

    Yes, yes it did deserve its own thread. - link axed -
  4. Anaxo

    f.lux, a program for the insomniac

    So whilst searching for remedies for my horrible sleeping schedule, I stumbled across this interesting program which is designed to help those who spend alot of their time on the computer get to sleep easier. It's called f.lux, it essentially changes the color of your monitor(s) based on the...
  5. Anaxo

    The Music Share Thread

    T9k's newest wonder : The Music Share Thread! Whether it's your favorite song or a band that you think more people should know about - post it here! From folk to alternative to electronica (and everything in between). Post a video, a soundcloud, or whatever method you prefer. Share a song...
  6. Anaxo

    Steam Summer Sale 2014

    Questions and discussion for all things Steam Summer sale 2014 My original question : Skyrim Legendary Edition is currently on steam until June 30th for 40% off, which means it is $23.99 right now. Is there any chance of the legendary edition making it onto a flash sale or is it safe to buy...
  7. Anaxo

    How fast can you type?

    Got a fancy new CM Storm QuickFire. I felt like finding out my WPM, since I've never bothered to figure it out before. So... let's see how T9k does. English 1 Minute Aesop's Fables (This is what it's on as default, just click "Start Test") Take it PrtSc Scroll...
  8. Anaxo

    Daylight Horror Adventure Giveaway

    As of yesterday, I built my first ever gaming rig which included an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770. Previously my game choices have been greatly limited by my graphics card. As a promotional, my GTX770 included a code for "Daylight" which you can see here : You...
  9. Anaxo

    building my first gaming rig

    So, I'm turned 18 in just 3 days, (March 25th) and when I do turn 18, I'll have access to an inheritance left to me. I've been wanting to build my own gaming rig since I was like 15, and I've been waiting ever so patiently, and it's been painful; I'm stuck with a Dell that only cost 300 dollars...
  10. Anaxo

    Favorite indie albums

    Not too long ago I made a thread about TV shows and got a lot of interesting shows on my "to watch" list (I've watched Code Geass and I'm currently on season 5 of Bones) --------------------------------- -Post the names of a few of your favorite artists. -Name your favorite album by said...
  11. Anaxo

    Must watch shows?

    So uhhmm, I feel like I'm running out of shows to watch, then what am I going to do all day? Post your guys favorite series(plural), and if I find it interesting enough and haven't already watched it I'll be sure to. Also, am I the only person who's watched this many series from their computer...
  12. Anaxo

    Please, enjoy.
  13. Anaxo

    Lost all of my stuff last week.

    Okay, so last week while I was on, Woot was on with Kagato trying to fix his permissions or something as far as I could figure out and the server went down. When everyone logged back in, they had lost their permissions to mine, shortly after, I was teleported to spawn (where I lost all my things...
  14. Anaxo

    Anaxo Whitelist application

    In-Game Name: Anaxo Why do you want to join?: Been a member of t9k for almost 2 years. I love the people of T9k and enjoy building amazing builds and cities with others. T9K Friends on Minecraft: TheXRaptor, DutchCheese, Highrise, Shooterty12, QuazyModo, Ustolo, Allimon, Hawke, Babybacon...
  15. Anaxo

    Sheep breeding problem?

    So Sheep don't seem to be breeding correctly. I'll feed 2 sheep wheat, they'll get the heart animation, kiss for a few seconds but then - No baby sheep. After that the sheep's hearts go away. Was this intentional to stop over-breeding or just a server problem and whatnot?
  16. Anaxo

    I may have been midly bored.

    I don't honestly know why I posted this. I think I have too much spare time... Talk, will you, TALK!
  17. Anaxo

    Give me your texture packs!

    Your favorite texture packs - GO I used to use painterly, got bored of 16*16. I tried out Misa's 64*64, didn't particularly care for it. Right now I'm using Faithful(32*32), I want something that will amaze me!
  18. Anaxo

    1.8 pre-release survival server expience orb LAGGG

    So I started playing the survival server yesterday, built a house quite a ways away from the spawn. Apparently someone name "redhaze" detonated alot of tnt in the creative server and crashed the survival server, when I logged back in i had died from suffocating in a wall. I apparently had a lot...
  19. Anaxo

    Ban Appeal for Anaxo - What the hell?

    Can someone please tell me why I was banned on the 1.8 pre-release creative server?
  20. Anaxo


    Just got the leaked 1.8 version and IT'S AMAZING!!! I love the rivers and lakes, it's SO much easier to see at night, can't wait till the real version (as this pre-release is extremely laggy) abandoned mines, EVERYTHING! I must say that the "oceans" we'd come to get used to aren't as large as...