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  1. Ekgladiator

    new tekkit server

    crabbie is stress testing a new tekkit server so if you are interested just message crabbie for server details. he is willing to give OP to certain people but that is up to him. anyways this is happening tonight and probably tomorrow
  2. Ekgladiator

    Monster hunter 4u

    I don't know how many fans there are of MH on t9k but this thread we can discuss everything about the game and play with each other and such!
  3. Ekgladiator

    mumble9000 broken

    what title says! please fix, normal mumble is so annoying with all the damn sounds and horrible chat window
  4. Ekgladiator

    Monster hunter 4u demo code giveaway!

    So I just got selected to get the 4u demo before it releases in febuary so I have 3 codes to give away. nothing special just say you want one and you will be entered into my usual sorting method. Entries: patch bored bbgunshot Winners: patch bored bbgunshot if there isn't enough interest...
  5. Ekgladiator

    Pax East 2015

    Alright since tickets went on sale and I will be attending this year, i'm going to make a General Discussion thread for the upcoming pax. please post all this related to the upcoming PAX here! [I will update the OP as needed]
  6. Ekgladiator

    Super Smash Bros Clan

    Welcome, one and all, to the Super Smash Brothers Brawl Clan! For those who do not know me, I am Ekgladiator. I enjoy Super Smash Brothers, and by you reading this, I can guess that you do as well. This clan will be a haven for Super Smash Brothers players. Feel free to join and talk about...
  7. Ekgladiator

    Super smash bro's clan planning thread

    So part 2 of my blog post was talking about this, a gaming thread dedicated to a competitive smash 4 clan (or brawl depending). So lets discuss the following topics (and we can add more as needed): What do we want from this endeavor? What are our concerns with this? What would be positive...
  8. Ekgladiator

    Discussion thread about T9k's future

    Alright so by now a decent chunk on people have read my blog and know my feelings about T9k in general. In response to that blog I have decided to make a discussion thread where we can talk about what has happened, what is currently happening, and what will happen in the future. This thread is...
  9. Ekgladiator

    3 games to giveaway

    Alright so I did the stupid thing and got the new humble bundle and I have three titles to giveaway They are: Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack Legend of grimrock Terraria Rules are the same as usual, One entry per person. Your one entry counts to getting one of the three listed games, so state...
  10. Ekgladiator

    tropico 4 giveaway

    alright I just got the humble weekly bundle simulator 2 deal and I already had tropico 4 before hand. Well now consider this your chance to get a pretty decent game for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Rules: this is a simple giveaway basically post something interesting and if enough people enter I will...
  11. Ekgladiator

    The killing floor server is borked

    As the title says the killing floor server is broken. The most noticeable issues include: The fast loader doesn't download the maps fast, if fact it is rather slow especially with the custom maps. Another issue is when the map actually downloads and starts to load, it gets stuck on the loading...
  12. Ekgladiator issue (still)

    I have noticed that the chat page ( no longer works. What I mean by this is that I cannot send messages, edit my channel, switch to the video player or anything. I'm assuming that this is linked to the issue pixie was having but I felt like reporting it because it has...
  13. Ekgladiator

    a new giveaway thread

    Ello ello and welcome to my new game giveaway thread, this time I have a copy of Monaco from the latest humble bundle to give away and in order to get it you must post a funny story! What I mean by a funny story is basically a story fabricated or real, that is entertaining to read and is...
  14. Ekgladiator

    More video games to give away!

    Alight this time I have three video games to giveaway, Batman arkham Alsyum , batman arkham city, and finally scribblenauts unlimited. Rules of the contest be simple. I could be lame and boring and do numbers, we can do creative bits, or just do something unexpected. I will give this thread a...
  15. Ekgladiator

    2 game give a way!!!

    So I have not one but 2 games to give away!!!! Game number 1 is awesomenauts. I got an extra copy when I backed the kick starter campaign. Game number 2 is Magica. I got this game as part of a deal through steam. So I could be boring and do the number thing that everyone else does but, I want...
  16. Ekgladiator

    Kerbal Space Program Thread

    Hullo and welcome to the Kerbal Space Program general discussion thread!!! (Scott Manley reference anyone!?) For those who do not know Kerbal Space Program (otherwise known as KSP) is a sandbox space flight simulator game that is in constant development similarly to how minecraft is updated...
  17. Ekgladiator

    Awesomenauts: Starstorm

    Hullo fellow t9k people! So the team that made the wonderful game known as awesomenauts is planning on making an expansion to the game called starstorm. What Starstorm will bring is more stages, new characters, a spectator system and in general just bringing more awesomeness to awesomenauts...
  18. Ekgladiator

    Steam trading cards

    Hullo and welcome to the official thread about steam trading cards! Here we will be talking about the newest feature being added to steam profiles and having a general discussion about it! Background: The steam trading card beta is a new feature which aims to overhaul the way steam profiles are...
  19. Ekgladiator

    Ekg's Juiced t9k mumble skin

    Yesterday Ozy linked a site in which you can customize a mumble skin to your liking! So after derping around with it for a few hours I managed to come up with this: and here is a pic of the settings It Is a t9k esque skin using a preset theme known as juice. If you would like to have this...
  20. Ekgladiator

    bug with changing mumble channel names

    As the title reads when ever I try to change my mumble channel name from one name to another (in this case giggity to leagueoflegends) I get this error. What is causing this issue and when will it be resolved?