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  1. Briggs

    Not dead yet.

    So there I was listening to some music and the Minecraft sound track came on. Needless to say it brought up some serious nostalgia and memories. Wanted to say hi to old friends and new faces and I hope you are all doing well! If anyone wants to do a roll call and post info to stay connected...
  2. Briggs

    What is the haps?

    Because I do not know! :D
  3. Briggs

    Dubstep Humans?

    Check this out.!
  4. Briggs

    About time.

    Another year passed, Aramat and I turned 18 years old today. Life goes by so quickly now. See you all around! Oh, and happy birthday to all the t9k members who's b-days are near and have just passed!
  5. Briggs

    Traffic Tickets?

    Ever gotten a ticket? Want to post pictures of cops and other cop related stuff? Here ya go. I decided to post this because of the story below. So I get home from work today, look in my email, and I see I got a traffic ticket. From who? The NYPD, and the department of motor vehicles from NY...
  6. Briggs

    A Year Well Spent!

    Aramat and I have been part of T9k for a year now. Looking forward to the next year with you all! I know many of you are coming up on your year, so keep the good times rolling! Going to work, be back in 8 hours.
  7. Briggs

    Some pretty awesome stuff going on in here.
  8. Briggs

    Found some lovely new information! Here is the lated installment of nazi zombies from COD. The map pack includes the 4 old maps, as well as the newest (and last I believe) map, moon. Those of you who bought the more expansive versions of black ops, this will be entirely free...
  9. Briggs

    Minecraft v1.7

    It is that time of updates again. Minecraft v1.7 is here, for many of you, it is a sign to run for the hills trying to get away from all the new bugs. For others, its a time to embrace the update and do everything you can with it. Here is Notches update log for 1.7, its actually quite shorter...
  10. Briggs

    This is off topic.

    This is my 1000's post.
  11. Briggs

    Where are they?

    What happened to those posts where everyone posted on. The ones that were full of youtube videos and pictures of random things. The ones that brought us closer together as a community. Where did they go? A simple question, who can answer it for me?
  12. Briggs

    Minecraft v1.6

    It is that time of month/year again! Minecraft has just been updated to 1.6, and there are many things that have been fixed, and some added. Here is the list from notch! -WARNING, IS A VERY LONG LIST- Minecraft Beta 1.6.4 * Fixed 1.6.3 using more CPU despite it claiming to use less * Totally...
  13. Briggs


    Hey, it's Briggs here, just sayin that I would like to be able to do stuff in "elm creek". I have been part of the community for a long time, back when classic was small. I have been a pro in classic, I have helped in various builds and projects in beta as well. I like long walks on the beach...
  14. Briggs

    Minecraft v1.5

    \Ok, so I have covered quite a few of the updates so far, so I will continue I guess. As many of you know, MC v1.5 is out. With is came many changes and features! Hooray! So here is the list from the Word of Notch covering the main points./ ----->Minecraft Beta 1.5, and some thoughts on...
  15. Briggs

    Minecraft v1.4

    Ok, so as many of you know 1.4 is released! Hooray right? I think so! The following is what was added. Wolves: You tame them with bones, varies how much (I have done up to 6). Just right click with bones in hand. They attack stuff that attacks you. If you click on something, they will...
  16. Briggs


    I do believe this belongs in here, it is based on a video game... anyways, for those of you who love rvb and do not know this. I am giving you the gift of knowledge on things to come. Watch, enjoy, and be amazed! I am sorry I can not put the vid here, it is not as good quality on youtube. So...
  17. Briggs

    Hey guys, it's saturday!

    I am so sorry... [e]]
  18. Briggs

    You say you like mudkipz? Prove it!

    Video has been removed, don't even try =(. Edit: I am past the 25 min mark! Edit2: I made it all the way through, your turn!
  19. Briggs

    What is this? i don't even...

    Ok, even if you do not like black ops, you have to admit this is awesome.
  20. Briggs

    Any modders in the house?

    If so, and are prefferabaly running off a mac, can you help me with a mod issue? So I am trying to install an airship mod, link here: But whenever I install it, I can not make the airship. I do not black screen either. Just, when I put...