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  1. NewspaperCrane

    Alright Kiddos, let's talk about some things (Life Updates)

    So, I feel like it's been forever. And I'm in a slightly bored/nostalgic mood today. What are you kids up to these days? I assume most of you have died in horrible gaming accidents, and/or have carpal tunnel.
  2. NewspaperCrane

    Not With a Bang, but With a Whisper

    Well, it's come to this team9000. I look around here every day, and I see a shadow of the former community that was here. I notice that I'm still checking here every day, even though I hardly interact with anyone here. Even though I still totally interact with people from here. Come to think of...
  3. NewspaperCrane

    The Team9000 Wayback Machine

    Greetings everyone, I found this lovely picture of Team9000 from way back on my hard drive. I think I was trying to illustrate something wrong with the new homepage... I can't really tell what it is any more, it all just seems to kind of burn my retina's at this point.
  4. NewspaperCrane

    Look, it's not like you really need a face lift.

    Bacon ipsum dolor amet leberkas drumstick pork tri-tip pork belly pastrami landjaeger swine kielbasa chuck alcatra pork loin beef ribs pancetta. Kevin andouille tenderloin pastrami. Shank short loin spare ribs ham hock beef. Doner ball tip jowl, picanha leberkas filet mignon pork belly bresaola...
  5. NewspaperCrane

    HomstarRunner Thread

    Alright, so as much as I oppose the idea of individual threads for things, I don't think I've squee'd with this much fanboy joy in a really long time. There's a new homestarrunner cartoon (Specifically a StrongBad email). Swallowing the fear that it would probably be terrible, I watched it...
  6. NewspaperCrane

    Tapatalk ADs

    Apparently the paid Tapatalk app is showing ads now. I guess this is a setting on the server side of the app, and something you should be able to opt out of. This is a link an article with...
  7. NewspaperCrane

    Team9000 Rust Server

    Hi Everyone, I've got a Rust server up for people in Team9000. Right now it's setup so that you must be a member of the Team9000 steam group to access the server, so keep that in mind if you want to play with friends. There isn't much to the server setup right now, but it's running steam...
  8. NewspaperCrane

    Rust Launch Server

    Hay Wooty, Any chance we can get rust as a launch server? I've been playing it, and it seems super fun. Also I think Casey has. Kthx, Crane
  9. NewspaperCrane

    Tapatalk API Update

    Hay Wooty, With the new fancy version of taptalk there's an API update. It keeps complaining at me about it. Can you please update the xenforo addin? That's assuming you don't have a ton of custom stuffs in there in which case, disregard.
  10. NewspaperCrane

    Cards Against Humanity

    We've been playing a lot of Cards Against Humanity online lately... post Your favorite answers here.
  11. NewspaperCrane

    That other gaming thread...

    So, one of the things I learned about my fellow T9Kers at pax this year is that we play a lot of games... You might be thinking "Well no shit Crane, we're a gaming community, that makes sense." At which point I would smack you for not letting me finish my thought before being a douche. But I...
  12. NewspaperCrane

    Pax East 2013: Button Contest

    NOTICE! This contest has been extended through Sunday March 3rd at 6PM Central time. Get your last minute entries in people! Monday evening I'll announce a winner, and then ordering will be open. Alright Kiddo's, It's almost that time again, and I've been granted a license by our fearless...
  13. NewspaperCrane

    News Sources

    I'd like to think that most of you don't get the majority of your news from Team9000 (because your world view would be sadly behind, and microscopic in scope), so where do you get your news? I'm a daily reader of Slashdot, and Daily tech. I also tend to watch WGN news in the morning. I've been...
  14. NewspaperCrane


    Your house is on fire. You only have time to grab three things besides what you normally carry on you (clothes, keys, phone, etc.) What do you grab and why? (Please note: the fire was started by your mortal enemy and extreme pyromaniac Billy Joel)
  15. NewspaperCrane

    Meanwhile, in Britain...
  16. NewspaperCrane

    I just met you, and this is crazy...

    Here's my number: 14, what's yours? Go to your profile, in the URL field the last number before the / in the URL is your number. Post that shit.
  17. NewspaperCrane

    My favorite Yahoo Answer ever
  18. NewspaperCrane

    AION thread

    Obligatory AION thread. Team9000 currently has a Guild on Aeon. We are located on Kahrun, on the Elios side. Post your pictures 'n shit.
  19. NewspaperCrane

    Wooty PC world Article... our little boy is growing up Kinda cool to see Wooty's program getting some media attention, even if it is just a small column on PCWorld. Does anyone even still read PC world?
  20. NewspaperCrane

    Who's Kangaroo is that...

    and can I borrow it? I've got a Convention coming up in a few weeks... and I'd like some kangaroo shenanigans.