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  1. SunDragon

    Looking to joing the Long Term Survivle

    1. In-Game Name: <SunFireDragon> 2. Why do you want to join?:Haven't played in about 4 months, I'm back for the summer and looking to apply for the long term survival, please, thank you. 3. If you're new to Team9000, how did you find us?: Not new... 4. T9K Friends on Minecraft: <Crabbie, CSI...
  2. SunDragon

    Hitler Skin, Ban this man.

    Couple of images of a guy or girl with a hitler skin. Please ban when you see this. His name is Smallpixels I also found grief by this guy but the hitler skin should be enough for a ban.
  3. SunDragon

    Super crazy spammers epic ban time!

    Just crazy, tons of people spamming and cursing in survival.
  4. SunDragon

    SunFireDragon, Zone 11 App.

    I'm applying to be able to build in Zone 11, I will refer you to my previous posts.
  5. SunDragon

    SunFireDragon , builds

    Today I added onto my Under sea town. which is turning more into a city, I got some help and expanded even more. The whole room is now roughly 250 by 100 by 36 high. I figured the best thing to go in the middle of the town would be a nice big capital, every city needs some kind of mayor or...
  6. SunDragon

    Under The Sea Town continued

    So I got a couple people to help build with me a girl named Ktperry, can't remember the rest of her MCname, and another guy named Ayoub2242. Ktperry is building from what I understand a house with a deck. And Ayoub2242 is building the massive arch. As for me I built an apartment building or row...
  7. SunDragon

    Mirror Tower

    Made this the other day, didn't get screen shots of it then. Wish I had... it's still mostly intact, but it was a lot cooler then. The whole thing could be flipped and it remain the same. MC name SunFireDragon, feel free to upgrade me to builder at your leisure.
  8. SunDragon

    Underground Town

    Me and a guy named Levigatis created an underground town, with roads, and a park. Please feel free to promote us both, from guest to the next level up. My minecraft user name is SunFireDragon, his is Levigatis. Also made the space invaders wall with a guy named JarHed. Can't remember the rest...