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  1. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-My pirate ship

    This is my way of making a pirate ship.
  2. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-My awesome manshion

    This is a mashion obviosly it starts off when you're on the path awesome water founts and a great view of an awesome house then you walk inside then that will be the living room with a TV to sofas and some books then there are 2 room one is the pool and one is the dining room. Then you go...
  3. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800- My Awesome twin towers

    These are my towers not one but two. This took a gigantic amount of time to make because i had to this all on my own. So it start out on the entrey way it is just a tunnle that leeds to both towers one left one right. You go in there is a lobby not much but it is a buisness idk what the twin...
  4. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-My Awesome Kingdom

    This kingdom is the biggest thing i have ever build on my own. The first one got griefed by someone who has helping me. i was almost done untill he screwed the whole thing up, now i took it much more cation and desided to do it on my own. It was a BIG job. The hardest was the castle it's self...
  5. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-The pyramid

    this is a giant pyramid made out of sand. It has two floors one with a four high roof the 2nd floor is the highest floor.
  6. jaywalker9800


    this is my statue of captainsparkelz my favorite youtube vid maker and minecrafter
  7. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-home sweet home

    This is my house (minecraft style) my kinda house just the way i like it.
  8. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-The better battle ship

    As i for the other ship i could have done better with the cool promotion and it's better. This time its a battle ship.
  9. jaywalker9800

    jaywalker9800-The castle x3 the size

    This castle is the tallest castle i've ever made. This one is now twice as times as large from the last one, and this one better because it is no where near the spawn and for that i hardly had any griefers maybe 1. That griefer turned my giant roof in too swiss chess untill someone helped me and...
  10. jaywalker9800


    This is a sculpture of my favorite minecrafter CAPTAINSPARKLEZ.I put alot of work in to this and if any one of you know how to show captainsparklez this that would be awesome.
  11. jaywalker9800

    Jaywalker9800-The church

    well you walk in and there are rows of benchs going along the wall. All the way up aginst the back wall is a podiam for ministers and more.Then you have a glass roof for light and crosses on top of the church at the entrance and where the poldiam is.
  12. jaywalker9800

    My giant castle

    Well you start off under a checker like roof with four pilars around it the you can go up th stairs and there is a gaint wall of wood and glass. Then there is more stair for like sleeping and lounging. Then there is the masive roof. I went threw SOOOOOO much troble trying to make this all on my...
  13. jaywalker9800

    My ship

    Well when you get on the ship you there is deck then if you walk around you'll find stairs going down to the kitchen and the you'll find stairs going up which is the driver seat or what ever but as your up there there is more stairs going dowm and thet takes you to the supplie room which has...
  14. jaywalker9800

    My house

    My house starts off in the front door. Then you walk inside and theres the living room. It has 2 chairs and one couch and they're both black. Then as you walk in you pass a door on your right which is a garage. It has one car and a garage door. Also there is an atic with three beds and a TV one...
  15. jaywalker9800

    My tree house

    Well it starts out on the ground and you get inside the tree from a little opening at the bottom and spiral stair cases take you up on to a deck that goes all around the tree. Then if you keep going up the tree you reach the top.