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    Forum Help

    I'm making a forum for my clan, SliceNDice, and I have a question. How do you make it to where only the owner can make threads in a certain forum? Like the forum "Global News", only you can make threads in that. How?
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    About the spectating glitch, I am glad you fixed it. But there is one other way to glitch it that I know of... but I don't think anyone else knows about it. I wont do the glitch by the way Wooty :P. And I wish people can still spectate others :/. I can PM you, Wooty, about the glitch if...
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    Surf_ski and surf_ski2

    What happened to these maps? I can't change to them. When you have time Wooty, can you add the maps? Update:mistake: Ignore the Surf_ski part.
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    This video is so bad it makes noobs feel good.
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    Can't Connect to Steam...

    This is what it says when i try to connect: Steam.exe (main exception): Failed to read version size for module , Win32 Error 1812 "The specified image file did not contain a resource file." Reinstalling didn't work. Anyone have any ideas on what i should do?
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    New server?!

    I saw that theres a surf 3 now :)
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    Face Thread!

    Post any typed faces you can think here! No smilies(:(,:), etc.)
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    Help plz.

    Okay, I have 2 questions: 1.) Right now i have had premium member for about 2 weeks. Should I upgrade to gold admin? 2.) If so, can I let you know here on the forums Wooty?
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    How do you "quote" someones reply?
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    Annoying music

    Allmost every time I come in server there is someone playing music and sounds and spamming the mic. =\