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  1. crafteroftemines

    Cached Team9000

    Whenever I go onto the site, all i see is this Which is pretty hard to look at, how do I fix it?
  2. crafteroftemines

    Touhou Thread

    Firstly, never seen a thread on here for the game, even though its relatively popular, and second, because I wanted to know where to get the game from without downloading from shady looking websites.
  3. crafteroftemines

    $500 Custom PC Build

    As I have gotten a job, I have been looking at buying potentially a gift for my upcoming birthday, but am limited to about 500 smackaroos before getting into shaky ground, what do y'all suggest?
  4. crafteroftemines

    The Best Page in the Universe

    Don't know if you all have heard of it, but The Best Page in the Universe, is probably one of the funniest things I have stumbled upon, so please check it out.
  5. crafteroftemines

    Summer 2014

    Basically, to discuss how everyone's summer has been going. Mine, pretty good, went to Arkansas last week and saw this beauty. And it was at that time, I knew, I was in the South.
  6. crafteroftemines

    Anyone have any ood ways to help with depression?

    I just lost someone very close to me, and I think that I need it.
  7. crafteroftemines

    The Official Team9000 Persona Thread

    Well, since its almost time for Nintendo's press conference, i figured i should start a Persona thread. Discuss
  8. crafteroftemines

    I'm gonna boast about my debate season

    Sorry, I tried to think of a title that didn't sound arrogant, but couldn't so I just chose the most arrogant one I could think of. Anywho... The main reason i havent been on steam (ive been signed in but thats mainly my brother) or Team9000 is because of debate. This season i'm happy to...
  9. crafteroftemines

    Steam Trading

    Well it is a simple title, come here trade random stuff. I will start: (Please know that this should be the format used) I have _______, I am looking for _____. Or vice-versa So, I have a coupon for Serious Sam 3: BFE, I am looking for a copy of Borderlands 2.
  10. crafteroftemines

    Big New Guys for TF2 So how about that, huh?
  11. crafteroftemines

    can i go back to #gamenight

    ill stop discussing debate in a nutshell okay? no more pseudopolitics
  12. crafteroftemines

    I Can't Mine

    I dont have permission to mine anywhere outside of my town
  13. crafteroftemines

    Classic is no more!

    As most of you have figured out this is fake. But what if this wasn't? What if this was real? Why was that decision made? And will we still not have to donate to play? And is survival being payed for like classic? If wooty can answer this that would be incredible.
  14. crafteroftemines

    Can anyone help me install Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders properly?

    I have tried many different ways and it has become difficult
  15. crafteroftemines

    Ban Appeal - Crafteroftemines

    I did was not aware of the 2 command limit, and will not slap around BradW again
  16. crafteroftemines

    Crafter's Whitelist thread

    Crafteroftemines Because the Short term survival isnt open Classic Csimiami14, crabbie1, beese, kimbal86, foxzm, Rev80 No Yes, yes i do
  17. crafteroftemines

    Game Boy Advance

  18. crafteroftemines

    Steam Sales

    Is it just me or is Steam having sales every other week? or am I just not on frequently enough to see the time when they aren't selling games like clinically insane A.H.S. people... or crackheads?
  19. crafteroftemines

    Killing Floor Game Night

    Can we have another Killing Floor Game Night? Cause I just got the game and its loads of fun.
  20. crafteroftemines

    Who wants a copy of borderlands? (Contest)

    Anyone who doesn't currently own a copy of borderlands on PC can get a copy of the Game of the Year edition by giving me a Steam name and adding me as a friend on Steam. (Not a contest) EDIT: Steam name is crafteroftemines