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  1. Ustulo

    Post your first day loot!

    A mere half a day ago, the Long Term Survival world came into being. In that very short space in time, what fantastic items have you collected? What structures have you built? Let's see how fast everyone is at becoming rich little bitches.
  2. Ustulo

    Ustulo Whitelist Application

    1. In-Game Name: <your minecraft account name> Ustulo 2. Why do you want to join?: I would like a stable survival server to play on. I'm not a big fan of creative and prefer the fun to be had on survival. 3. If you're new to Team9000, how did you find us?: I have been here for a year and a...
  3. Ustulo

    Brace Yourselves

  4. Ustulo

    TF2 Triad Update

    If you haven't heard yet, China has taken over TF2! :laugh: New promo items, and actually a ton of new weapons and hats! HAAAAATS! The new minigun is probably the greatest new item in the update, alongside the scout axe, being as it makes you nearly spy-proof. Discuss!
  5. Ustulo

    My Naem iz Ustolu

    Hello Team9000, my name is Ustulo, but you can call me Usty. I joined Team9000 through the Minecraft Survival server more than a year ago, sometime in late May, not expecting much of anything other than being unable to sprint away from creepers. Little did I know at the time, I was going to...
  6. Ustulo

    The Vicious Cycle of Life in the Post-Wipe World

    Log in, go the the in-construction spawn, break dirt to no avail.
  7. Ustulo

    I need a joke...

    No time to explain, I need a really funny joke for my English class is 30 minutes. tem900 pls, i ned joek
  8. Ustulo

    The Face of Ozy, Forever in Stone

    So while browsing the Minecraft Forums, looking for what people have done with 1.2, I stumbled upon a new type of stone brick, which appears to have Ozy's face on it. He will forever be here with us, protecting us from the blasts of creepers outside. Time to make creepy OoO statues.
  9. Ustulo

    Theft in Cydonia

    For a very long time, bits and pieces have been stolen from my house. Now, I return after a short break to discover many valuables missing from the chests in my house. Enchanted pickaxes and over a full suit of diamond armor have been stolen, as well as a few spare diamonds and numerous record...
  10. Ustulo

    Arcane Ascension- A New Mod I Found to be Amazing

    So, while browsing the Minecraft Forums, I came upon this mod, at first just by its name (pretty cool, innit?), but I was quickly drawn in by many of the new features it brings upon, and the astounding detail put in the ability to upgrade items. Also, the sprites for this, well, I have a severe...
  11. Ustulo

    Jeb made jungles!

    I was on twitter today, and noticed that Jeb added a picture of his newest project.... making jungles! Could they hold the elusive cocoa bean plants?
  12. Ustulo

    Omegle Log Sharing Thread

    So me, taco-san, and Pasaria got talking on Skype about Omegle, and we started sharing our chats before we had the genius idea of making a thread so we can share our trolling with the world. So here it is! Basically, post a link of the conversation that you had, and have some good lol'ing. And...
  13. Ustulo

    Cubeasim, a Minecraft Religion I Found

    So, while browsing the official Minecraft Forums, I happened to find the work of ArchebuS, who has written lore about gods of Minecraft, intended as sorts of challenges and things to do in spare time. I found this very interesting, always loving community-made deities and forces. Some are very...
  14. Ustulo

    Ban Request for minishaft12- Incessant spam

    So, this user came on this morning, and after advertising for another server, and then dying, began to rage and spam on us. He refuses to leave, and makes the chat intolerable. Please ban as soon as possible.
  15. Ustulo

    A Serious Robbery- Over a Stack of Diamonds Lost

    This all began while I was building my house in Cydonia. I return from a quick break to notice a diamond axe and sword missing from my chests, and a diamond shovel half used. All this I can live with. But now, I've opened my chests again, to find out something much worse. I had seven blocks of...
  16. Ustulo


    Now, if if you know me, my favorite anti-griefing tactic is to know how they think. So, I was watching aVo videos, and come upon this. Now, skip to 3:00, and look who it is. If you watch the whole thing, you'll see that our little buddy is quite active...
  17. Ustulo

    And so then I FUS RO DAH'd!

    I'm sorry, even Beese's Infinite Swag cannot top the epicness of this man.
  18. Ustulo

    We Are the Champions, My Friends!

    Just a matter of minutes ago, in another dimension, a very epic battle took place. Yes, the battle of the dragon. Thanks to the Cydonians providing Eyes of the Ender, we have been able to activate the portal and enter The End. The battle was very difficult, mostly to the masses of the obsidian...
  19. Ustulo

    Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS is out!

    Hey guys, this had to be short. I just woke up today in anticipation for the new Pocket Edition for iOS, and the first thing I did was search up Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was there. I downloaded it promptly, and it's true. It's finally out. I'm playing it right now. So enough of my story...
  20. Ustulo

    Plants vs. Zombies in Minecraft- Playable!

    I was doing some browsing... and I came across this, made by the creator of "Cake Defense" and "The Temple of Notch." He has created a fully playable version of Plants vs. Zombies. You can drop gold to make flowers shoot against the oncoming horde of zombies that spawn in a chamber, and come...