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  1. Skryter

    A post to keep the forums alive (lurking)

    Looking back on juvenile Skryter would prove interesting, but I'd rather not be scarred for the rest of my life.
  2. Skryter

    A post to keep the forums alive (lurking)

    I live, for now.
  3. Skryter

    Unban Sethro!

    Sethro was a pioneer of the arts. If his talents were allowed to flourish, he would have undoubtedly led Team9000 into a glorious future. Alas, his time was cut short by traitorous fiends who slandered his name. Unban Sethro, for he shall be the key to our salvation!
  4. Skryter

    Hi all

    You have a very "interesting" profile picture over there.
  5. Skryter

    General Anime Discussion Thread

    Hunter x Hunter is definitely a top tier Shounen. The only contenders still airing/publishing at the moment that I can think of off the top of my head are One Piece and My Hero Academia in terms of scope, tonal shift, and quality. This is the first time I've seen someone list Ging as their least...
  6. Skryter

    Launch page not opening

    Have you tried deleting System 32?
  7. Skryter

    Team9000 Launch - Now with Game Servers

    Which you can find at this link -
  8. Skryter

    holy shit

  9. Skryter

    This is the end of team 9000?

    We're on Discord now -
  10. Skryter

    Show us your "Battlestation"

  11. Skryter

    Mass Effect Trilogy

    Fixed that for you.
  12. Skryter

    The fastest dying thread

    What is dead may never die.
  13. Skryter

    Biggest disappointment of E3

  14. Skryter

    Still Here

  15. Skryter

    Team9000 Launch - Notice of Temporary Suspension

    Well, this was unexpected.
  16. Skryter

    Image Thread

    Don't you just love playing Civ 5 with mates. It's always a....positive....experience.
  17. Skryter

    Your handwriting

    Still shocking. Still me.
  18. Skryter


    Cemetery Delivery Service. You'll wait so long that complimentary coffin and grave will come in handy.