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  1. DOS622

    7 years ago today in Minecraft Survival...

    I'm not up to the point where I started taking screenshots, but I'm pretty sure I was living in Mooville on the 1.8 beta server. It was nice and safe from serious grief, at least at this time. Not like the area around spawn, where I started before SvenBoogie rescued me from my life of trying...
  2. DOS622

    YouTuber plays Minecraft without any help (reading the wiki, forums, etc.) I've watched almost all of these, it's interesting to see the game through the eyes of someone who is playing single player and not reading anything about the game, so has to figure out everything by trial and error. Of...
  3. DOS622

    HolyFriedSteve and t123pug stole from my house and griefed

    For the record, one of them got to my house via the main road north from spawn, which is kind of what I feared would happen.
  4. DOS622

    Cruler20 grief in and around Newbank

    Summary: 1. Broke nether portal next to Newbank city portal by taking an obsidian block, and also stole 2 nether brick fence from it. 1. Stole blocks from Christmas tree (redstone and lapis at least, not sure about glowstone) inside Newbank. Log from 2 days ago: LoremIp5um: :/ LoremIp5um: Some...
  5. DOS622

    Theft by Oceanboy42 (2nd try)

    Tried reporting this a month ago in this thread but got no resopnse from admins, so trying again. Maybe including screenshots will help. Oceanboy42 took as much as he could from my chests, apparently: Also:
  6. DOS622

    Auction: Death's Sickle (X X X X sword) (Community Reboot)

    This is the reward for voting 500 times. Auction closes 3 days after the last reasonable bid unless I decide to extend it or cancel it early. Bid whatever materials you like, but not rubbish like dirt please, I won't accept it even if you're the only bidder :P Since people are bidding...
  7. DOS622

    Chiseled/circle/Ozy stone face? griefed?

    So I still don't know if admins consider it grief or not, so just posting this here: I had a (public) chat about this a while ago which wasn't consistent with the facts as I recalled them or even reach a conclusion: konflakes: idk konflakes: it was in the underground stronghold konflakes: i...
  8. DOS622

    Stables outside Newbank griefed by I_Fart_In_Ur_Mth

    They were griefed so that someone could get into the stable without going through the LWC-locked doors, and also so that horses could get out, so I had to fix the grief so that my horses didn't run away since last time they were stolen they weren't replaced. I fixed the grief by putting dirt...
  9. DOS622

    Theft by ablisa and theft/grief by Oceanboy42

    Oceanboy42 just took as much as he could from my chests, apparently. alibsa took some rotten flesh (oh well) but also took 20 wheat and 8 baked potatoes, which was my emergency food supply. I saw ablisa complaining in chat a lot some time ago about running out of food, starving, etc. I...
  10. DOS622

    Villager murdered in Newbank

    Prism // --- Inspecting air at -2155 63 53 --- - fire_tick killed blacksmith villager x2 8d18m ago (a:kill)
  11. DOS622

    Minor grief by theMCslayer01

    Prism // --- Inspecting air at -2178 73 30 --- - theMCslayer01 broke jackolantern 5d1h48m ago (a:break) + DOS622 placed jackolantern 48d11h31m ago (a:place) I don't mind if you don't do anything about it at this point, I can wait to see if I find anything else they did.
  12. DOS622

    Two horses stolen from Newbank portal area

    Checking the history for the air block just above each of the 9 grass blocks in each stall and taking the most recent event: Left-hand stall: Prism // --- Inspecting wildgrass at -2192 69 98 --- - TNTxCREEPER entered horse 5d14h17m ago (a:enter) History shows that player also opened both...
  13. DOS622

    iwangw98 stole 128 cookies from my chest

    I still have quite a few of the 3000 cookies left after the theft and eating some of them, but like with NomNom, that's not the point, the point is you're not meant to take stuff from people without asking. I have a farm there, he was welcome to harvest and replant, or he could have gone back to...
  14. DOS622


    Player Lillahund01 appears to have gone to the house formerly occupied by ebminecraft13, BenH5000 and Nicky1121 (who are banned) and rearranged the contents of a bunch of the chests there and placed pumpkins and a few other blocks randomly around the place (and perhaps other things I haven't...
  15. DOS622

    ebminecraft13, BenH5000 and Nicky1121 stole from chest in NB

    I forgot to /cprivate one of my chests in Newbank and these players almost completely emptied it: Prism // --- Inspecting chest at -2168 60 96 --- - BenH5000 removed 3 wheat 8h33m ago (a:remove) - ebminecraft13 removed 64 string x2 8h47m ago (a:remove) - ebminecraft13 removed 26 string x2...
  16. DOS622

    MCSL: 9000 votes

    I voted and MCSL said "9 thousand votes", do I win something? Sorry, I don't think it will ever say "more than 9 thousand votes".
  17. DOS622

    Exiting a minecart frequently causes instant death

    I filed a ticket for this, but be aware: quite a number of people have been killed when exiting their minecarts today, so be careful! Of course it isn't so bad if you die when you're getting out of your minecart after arriving at spawn, because you can quickly go and pick your stuff up. In the...
  18. DOS622

    DOS622's application

    1. In-Game Name: DOS622 2. Why do you want to join?: I've been playing Team9000 Survival on and off for around 16 months and would like to keep doing so! Interested to try out whatever woot (and the rest of you) have in store for us this time. 3. If you're new to Team9000, how did you find us...
  19. DOS622

    I guess there's nothing wrong with Internet trolling

    It looks like all the discussion in the Minecraft Survival forums has turned from the new changes to just arguing and trolling. Stratadon said: That's the real world, where people know your real name and can shoot you in the real face with a real gun. Why bother treating people with respect...
  20. DOS622

    Questions about things in the 1.0 (i.e. previous) world

    Hi all, I've had a little time in the last few days to get back to playing Minecraft and have been continuing to try to rebuild (parts of) the 1.0 world in single player (starting out from the map from Tsysin's server). I'm close to finishing rebuilding Arcata Station (the one just north-east...