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    Trade Establishment

    This thread is still under development. The Trade Establishment isn't a city, it is, well, a trading thread. I created this thread to simplify the communication of people willing to trade. For example, if someone has 2 packs of cobblestone, and they want to trade it for, I don't know, an...
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    I dare you not to laugh.

    This soothes me.
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    You Eyeballin' Me?

    Hey look, it's ConroD!
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    Merry Thanksgiving.

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    Most awesome game songs

    These will appear on a daily basis, hopefully. TF2 Just has to be first.
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    Lookee here. Not that amazing, but expect more. :)
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    A little something about taco.

    Haix. I know tacodude99 Is a long time member here; he's been here since the beginning of 2011. He's officially moved on now, and I'm here to take his place. I also know that yesterday, I think, he can't go on Minecraft anymore. Classic or Beta. You might see taco on Beta, but that'll be me...
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    GMod Video Of the Week

    Right, I need some ideas. Some juicy ideas. With some sprinkles. And a bit of Dutch Cheese. Don't forget some TF2. Oh yes, please don't forget the cake. If I get enough ideas, there should be a video on F-F-F-Friday. Cheese, portal
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    This is for you, Wooty.

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    It seems I've gotten GMod.

    I got GMod yesterday. Finally. :) I'm hoping to do some kind-of GMod Vid of the week, made by me. How about every Friday. Post what YOU would want to see in a GMod vid down in the comments. :D
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    Ohai, I'm new to the T9K server and have high hopes for it. :) Massive inverted glass pyramid:
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    Hey, I'm Jake!

    Ohi, I'm nano, you can call me Jake. I'm a new user here on the Team9000 public server. :cool: Hopefully I'm going to have a sweet time here in T9K, and I want to get to know all of ye. It seems like this is a pretty good community, and It seems like I'll fit in. (Hopefully). I'm roommates...