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  1. Zennai

    Project: M Discussion

    Welcome, smashers! Project M is an overhaul mod for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Even with Smash 4 around the corner, there's still plenty of fun to be had with the previous game! (So long as it's modded, Vanilla SSBB blows.) Project M is based around giving Brawl a faster paced, technical...
  2. Zennai


    Take an arcade-style fighting game, add some RPG and platformer elements, make it an MMO and what do you get? Yeah, I don't know how to pronounce it either. (El's word? El sword?) Elsword is a free-to-play KRPG developed by KOG Studios. It's a 2.5D MMORPG with fighting game elements, and...
  3. Zennai


    In-Game Name: Zennai Why do you want to join?: My greatest interest is in Long-Term Survival, I am not fond of creative or PvP. New?: Joined Apr 24, 2011 T9K Friends on Minecraft: Jazz007, DarkPrime25, David Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Not banned. Do you understand that if a...
  4. Zennai

    Mechwarrior Online

    Fans of giant robots, attention! Mechwarrior:Online is a mech simulator currently in development by Piranha Games. Fan Trailer: The game is set in 3049 in the BattleTech universe, based around futuristic warfare. Gameplay features giant BattleMechs ranging from 20-100 tons, armed with...
  5. Zennai

    Zen in:RTX 2012

    YO WADDUP MAH BROSKIES Today was day one of my two-day adventure into Rooster Teeth Expo 2012. I came on to this trip hoping to find new answers and suggestions on a career in computer science. We waited in line on multiple occasions and I managed to get into just one panel that details what I...
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  7. Zennai

    Team9000:Daily games of TF2

    Ladies and mentlegen, Scouts and Pyros, Hats and more hats. For an undetermined amount of time I shall be using our lovely services to prepare a TF2 server daily, starting between 20:00 & 22:00 @GMT-6 time. This equates to the approximate times of evening or night to our...
  8. Zennai

    FrumpyDumpkinz:Attempt at suffocation grief

    FrumpyDumpkinz attempted to suffocate me by digging a hole under me while AFK and filling it with gravel. I have no screenshots of the incident in progress as I was too busy trying to climb out, but I have his own text as proof. He states that he tried to suffocate me himself.
  9. Zennai

    Zen:Launching servers for TF2 daily.

    I've come to like the service quite well. And at the writing of this post, I've only used it once. I plan to launch a server daily between 20:00 & 22:00 @GMT-6 time for a lovely many games of TF2. These games shall last until everyone gets bored and leaves, which is usually...
  10. Zennai

    Mechwarrior 4:Mercenaries

    WARNING: In order to get this game up and running completely, you'll have to jump through a few hoops. Greetings, dalies and mentlegen. What a very few of you know is that Iwas once part of another gaming community known as Mektek. They were a huge fanbase to the Battletech franchise, as well...
  11. Zennai

    Sanctuary Fortress

    Welcome, members of T9K. This is the official Thread for Sanctuary Fortress. We are stationed Northeast of the spawn point, in the center of an arctic plain. Mineshafts run back and forth under our land, and ores are easy to find just by spelunking. We have a great love for lulz and pumpkins...
  12. Zennai

    Caves, ravines, and just dealing with the landscape.

    Hello ladies and mentlegen. Our town of Sanctuary Fortress is growing faster now, and we are bound to expand. We reside in the tundra plains of the northeast, where mineshafts run under, dungeons are an easy find, and every cave leads to a bountiful search for ore. The problem that comes with...
  13. Zennai

    Magic Robot wearing a suit.

    Greetings, to anyone and everyone who registers my existence. I have participated in T9K survival shenanigans for a year now, and deemed it odd that I had yet to make a single post. I suspect that those of you who play on the survival server would know who I am, if otherwise, I just haven't been...