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  1. Cpt__Duck

    Biggest disappointment of E3

    Trials of the blood dragon R.I.P. The Trials fanbase and the Blood Dragon fanbase...
  2. Cpt__Duck

    This place...

    This community reminds me of a song.
  3. Cpt__Duck

    Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky/darkness

    Recently I've been replaying the original pokemon mystery dungeon games. This thread is for you to say ANYTHING related to the original pokemon mystery dungeons. Personally, mystery dungeon explorers of ________ is my favourite so far.
  4. Cpt__Duck

    Best ingame music ever

    Object is simple, find the best in game music ever. Only rule is that the tune has to be made by the game devs. That being said, here's my entry.
  5. Cpt__Duck

    .gif thread

    Post funny gif's that you made.
  6. Cpt__Duck

    The MC T9K I.T. crowd

    Simple thing here really, if you have a problem that is on the MC platform thing, just post the problem .txt crash report, and wait for someone else to come up with a solution.
  7. Cpt__Duck

    Petition to fire jeremy hunt.

    For those who don't know who jeremy hunt is: Petition:
  8. Cpt__Duck

    Favourite David Bowie song.

    Thought the internet might need this. Anyway, here's mine.
  9. Cpt__Duck

    Sod this noise.

    Yeah... Bugger all is happening, new players aren't pouring in and the community is practically dead. I've decided to go properly this time and I'm not likely to come back unless t9k becomes massive again. Anyway, if you need any ideas on restarting the community then there's one, make a server...
  10. Cpt__Duck

    Where can I get a decent gaming computer for under £200

    So I decided to upgrade, the laptop I currently use is 16 years old(at least) and I thought, where can I get a cheap but crazy good pc. So I posted this in the hope that you lot are website masterminds.
  11. Cpt__Duck

    1.9 snapshots

    So I was recently playing around with the 1.9 mc snapshot and it seems they have added left handedness(this I find the most important thing, being left handed myself I thought that it would only be fitting to have left handed player characters). Also theres this new levitation effect. If you've...
  12. Cpt__Duck

    Proof that I am a god

    I found proof that I am a god
  13. Cpt__Duck

    Well Shit...

    Minecraft in general has decided to commit sepekku whenever it tries to download sound files, so I'll leave it for about 2 or 3 days. If it doesn't work after that then shit, I'm out of ideas.
  14. Cpt__Duck


    This is a thread about that very popular thing named agario. All you do here is create a party, then announce the code and tag you would prefer fellow t9k'ers to use. N.B. Parties are only up for three hours at a time. I.E. Cpt__Duck: use tag: [T9K]
  15. Cpt__Duck

    My Final Trick: Scaring You all out of social media

    Before I leave, I shall scare you at of social media EDIT:normally you would watch this without going to you-tube but I forgot how do to that EDITEDIT: oh wait, there we go
  16. Cpt__Duck

    New T9k layout

    So, what do you think about the new layout and what do you miss about the old one. I think this new layout is as un-intuitive as fuck and I couldn't see what was wrong with the old one. also, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK HAPPENED TO SIGNIATURES.
  17. Cpt__Duck

    Battle Field Hardline

    Battle Field Hardline is that new FPS that EA are advertising, this thread is for anyone who wants to comment on the trailer or gameplay (when it's released) or just to throw shit at EA for running the sims into the ground.
  18. Cpt__Duck

    Guess the anime

    People who now me would know that I'm not into anime and that I think it's just used for demi legal erotic actions, however I have just made myself hypocritical and started watching an anime...and liking it but I digress. what what I want you to do now is tell me which anime I am watching from...
  19. Cpt__Duck

    UK Eclipse

    for everyone that has heard of places outside america, you might have heard that the sun was bored of us not giving it attention and therefore decided to hide behind the moon. anyway this thread is about whether or not you saw the eclipse and how you saw it(feel free to post something funny and...
  20. Cpt__Duck

    The adverts thread

    Post videos of TV adverts that are funny here and state which country they are from This advert was shown in the UK