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  1. TheXraptor

    Nightmares in Gaming: Poor Map Design

    Gaming is a positive experience. As gamers, we see more in video games than pushing buttons to correlating pixels on a screen. We get attached to our games in both an emotional and competitive way, and it's amazing. However, at times, our games are not the cheerful bliss they're supposed to be...
  2. TheXraptor

    Warframe; Space ninjas with super powers.

    Warframe is a co-op third person shooter currently in open beta. Being that it is in open beta, it is currently free to play. The only time you'd ever need to pay for ANYTHING is for extra inventory space, and in my 50 hours spent, I've never completely filled my inventory space anyways. Discuss!
  3. TheXraptor

    EA is the new publisher for Star Wars games It looks like my dreams of a Battlefield-Battlefront hybrid may finally become a reality. DICE, Visceral, and BioWare all working on Star Wars? EA will have to fuck up SEVERELY to...
  4. TheXraptor

    Return of Cities of the Server?

    At this point, Cities of the Server is nothing but a distant memory. This came to be after interest in Minecraft dropped to a record low with the abomination that was the previous world. However, since the new world has brought up interest in Minecraft, I must ask. Should I write more episodes...
  5. TheXraptor

    Cities of the Server Update

    Ohai, I'm just here to tell you that Cities of the Server is not dead. There have been no new episodes in quite a while because the previous world sucked, and everyone had lost interest in Minecraft (including myself). If this world can reach the level that the 1.0 world reached in terms of...
  6. TheXraptor

    TheXraptor Application

    In-Game Name: TheXraptor 2. Why do you want to join? Well, it is totally NOT because I want to play Minecraft..... 3. If you're new to Team9000, how did you find us?: 4. T9K Friends on Minecraft: The Capricans, the Cydonians, etc. 5. Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: No. 6. Do you...
  7. TheXraptor

    Battlefield 3

    So, here's the deal: In the next few weeks, I'll be upgrading my PC. I'll be dumping my old laptop, and my PS3 will begin collecting dust. I am not sure if I should get Battlefield 3. I had it on PS3, but the maps were far too large for 24 players (Conquest and Rush were unplayable), the...
  8. TheXraptor

    An Encounter with Herobrine. (Minecraft Creepypasta re-write Attempt, part 1)

    As a fan of YouTube commentators, I had practically no choice but to watch people play Minecraft. Minecraft here, Minecraft there, Minecraft everywhere. SeaNanners, UberHaxorNova, and Juicetra were commentators I was particularly fond of, so I watched them play this "Minecraft" that everyone was...
  9. TheXraptor

    If you ruled the world......

    What would be the first thing you do? I'd send anyone who regularly uses the terms "swag" or "yolo" to work camps. .........don't look at me that way.
  10. TheXraptor

    Modern Warfare 4 Confirmed.......really? Really......just really? I thought Activision was milking the series with Modern Warfare 3 (AKA MW2.5). But this? Modern Warfare 3 is still active, and Black Ops 2 is still yet to be released! I'm done. This...
  11. TheXraptor

    I'm back

    Now that I've settled into high school and actually have some spare time, I can actually afford to be active. Also, now that Team 9000 is actively playing games my laptop can support, I'll be able to join in on the fun that I've more than likely missed in my absence. So yeah........hai.
  12. TheXraptor

    On Hiatus

    Before anyone asks, no, I'm not leaving, I'm going on hiatus until further notice. Team 9000 has just been rather boring for quite some time now. Minecraft has not been fun since 1.6, I'm not a fan of TF2 (I'll explain if an explanation is wanted), and my laptop is not powerful enough to...
  13. TheXraptor

    Question about CS:GO

    Alright, I'm not sure if there are bots on the PC version of the game, but on the PS3 version, when a team is not full, a bot takes his place. My question is this: Do the bots have more health than regular players? It seems like I unload clip after clip into one bot and he still just keeps on...
  14. TheXraptor

    Those Things in Gaming.......(Snipers)

    Everyone has something in gaming that makes them extraordinarily angry. I myself am easily angered, and some things in gaming.....just need to go away. Snipers. In Team Fortress 2. In Battlefield. Even in the dreaded Call of Duty. Snipers have absolutely no place in every online shooter that I...
  15. TheXraptor


    I saw this live a while back, and just now found this on Youtube. CNN has sided with the bronies. It is only a matter of time before the whole world has become pony-fied. Except Vorsprung and Crane. They will be in fallout shelters.
  16. TheXraptor

    What happened to Survival?

    Team 9000's Survival Server. I've spent over a year and a half on this server now, and I've enjoyed a lot of it. However, since 1.7, the server has crashed like a kamikaze into an ocean of mediocrity. Now, there are many factors that are to blame for this, and each and every problem has helped...
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    The Paradox Thread

    Simple, post any paradox you know. Here's an example: The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is a lie.
  18. TheXraptor

    Cities of the Past: Eagle Pass

    Welcome everyone, Republicans and Democrats, to this weeks episode of- wait a minute, the server doesn't have any real cities yet! Shit, looks like I have to talk about old cities........again. Yes, after hackers destroyed the previous world, Cities of the Server: Maridia was cancelled. Bummer...
  19. TheXraptor

    Counter Strike: Source

    Alright, I have a question, and I have no idea where else to put this: Is Counter Strike: Source a good game? A lot of people tell me it is good, however, my little brother, Shooterty, says it is one of the worst games he has ever played. After playing only a few matches on Shooter's computer...
  20. TheXraptor

    The Worst of Team 9000's Cities (Part 2) (NOT FUCKING EXPERIMENTING)

    Ohai. About a month and a half back, I ranted about the horrendous abominations that plagued our old Team 9000 worlds. This is the conclusion of the rant. Note: Everything in this blog is pure opinion. No rating scale is used, the cities are listed in no particular order (unlike last time)...