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  1. Creeper

    Tough life lessons and heartbreak. An open letter.

    let the past die .
  2. Creeper


    I've been playing this game for the past couple months a ton and it's REALLY FUN. I'm Rank 14 at the moment playing a lot of Watcher Druid and Ramp Driud (because I have Deathwing :D) although I suck at arena. Feel free to add me on Battlenet, my ID is shinobu #1902. Discuss!
  3. Creeper

    excuse me but

    My screen is being violated by Rainbow Dash. Should I call the internet police?
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    What music do you play while you game / work at your computer?

    Hoooly shit a thread by Creeper. Who is he anyways? So yeah, title. What do you like to listen to while you game or work? Do you guys use playlists? What are you music listening-to habits? I like to listen to this great anime-themed internet radio station called AnimeNfo. When I play solo...
  5. Creeper

    AMV General Thread

    Post good AMVs.
  6. Creeper

    Risk: Team9000 Edition

    Risk: Team9000 Edition Hello, and welcome to the match thread of Risk: Team9000 Edition. In this thread, I will be hosting a Risk match between 12 participants. First come, first serve. (Since, I'm a nice guy, I'll extend it a bit) This is the map. Procedure: 1. Claim a single territory...
  7. Creeper

    What's the most time you've put into a single video game?

    I was just thinking about all the video games I've ever played and how long I've played them, and was looking at how many hours I've had on a them. On Runescape, I have 1000 hours. This is the most hours I have on a game that actually records hours. Then again, I've spent so much time on...
  8. Creeper

    An hour of Star Wars: Battlefront III footage. This game could have been made.

    If they make this game, I will give them all my money. Keep in mind that the reason that the reason that this game looks pretty bad in many parts is because what you are seeing is the early Alpha build.
  9. Creeper

    PSA: STAY OFF THE MINECRAFT SURVIVAL SERVER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Some hackers got into console commands, and they are banning everyone. Put this in Mature Discussion so it could be more easily viewed.
  10. Creeper

    1,000 members left until 2m!

    Just a heads up.
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    Grand Masterrace Battlestation, Part 1: No case? No problem.

    So yesterday, I received a strange package in the mail sent by no other than Newegg. Upon further inspection, it became apparent that it was indeed the Grand Masterrace Battlestation™ I had ordered in the mail. I danced around like a small child exposed to unhealthy amounts of weed and...
  12. Creeper

    I'm playing in commentary livecasted Z33k LoL matches on TwitchTV! Come watch me if you want. [Done] Just for tonight. My name is CreeperT9K. Note: 10:30PM, match ended, played Nasus, carried our team. Will sit out a match due to rules. Note 2: 11:00PM, I'll be playing about in about half an hour. Note 3: 11:50PM, didn't make it into a room D: They fill...
  13. Creeper

    Entire Assassin's Creed Series on Steam for $45. 65% off. Today only! Get it while you can. It's $85 off in total and is a great deal. Get the whole series for the price of Revelations on a normal day.
  14. Creeper

    Total War Series

    This needed to be a thread. I can't get enough of Empire: Total War, it's an excellent and fun game. I have Napoleon and Shogun 2 but have yet to play them, since my computer is terribad at the moment. TL;DR Total War is awesome, discuss.
  15. Creeper

    Dat cable management.

    This is probably not a good idea. I hope my computer dosen't explode.
  16. Creeper

    1 Year

    So it's finally been one year since I've made this account. Just thought I should give a small thank you for everyone in the community for being awesome and for sharing fun times with me. It's been a good year. ❤ - Creeper
  17. Creeper

    The Wonders of Classical and Orchestral Music

    I don't typically listen to classica and orchestral. Today I listened to dubstep, metalcore, and pop-punk. But every now-and-then, I just like to lay back and listen to classical. It's so wonderful to listen to. You may ask, "Why not Zoidberg?" I will retort softely, "Why not Classical Music?"...
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    April Fools Day Thread. What are you going to do?

    So it's April Fools tomorrow/today. Any evil plans you guys have in store?
  19. Creeper

    Shadowwolf: New Single "Rap Battle" vs. JJKoshane

    oh god why Alright, that's enough blogs for now. Edit: Lol whats with all the haters? This is most legit thing since white rappers. C'mon guys, this is obviously a real piece of music right here. Shadowwolf is the greatest lyricist who ever lived.