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  1. Lzice

    1creator34 and his mom :)

    Oh dear 1cre.... i am so sorry....
  2. Lzice

    Lzices Life, An insight

    As a couple of you appear to have noticed, I have not been on classic or on mumble, as much as I used to be. I figure since you are some of my best friends, I owe you an explanation. For those who don't know me... I am at university studying a live event engineering degree. I love my job/degree...
  3. Lzice

    Happy Classic Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to one and all! Hope you all have a very good day and Santa brings you lots of presents! It was a great night with Jetmike last night and partying with all the rest of Team9000. See you all later! Lzice
  4. Lzice

    Epic caption contest #1

    Ok, so time for a competition where the prize is so awesome, you won't even know you got it.
  5. Lzice

    On my holidays (bai!)

    Off on my hols till mid-august. Will be coming back, but obviously won't be on during. Cya all :) Lzice ps admins, couldn't find anywhere for this so i stuck it here. feel free to move it somewhere.
  6. Lzice

    Lack of "Admins" (ranked players) in guest worlds

    I have been playing as builder for a fair number of hours now and I have noticed one thing. There are fairly regular periods of up to an hour when no ranked players come on the server. This means that the ones who come one are hounded to sort bans, reverts, kicks, spams, penises, swastikas etc...
  7. Lzice

    Lzice - Builder to Engineer

    Hello Nice admins ;) Ok so I get it, its hard to be an engineer and not many people get it. but i thought at least I could start then I can just add to it till I get it :rolleyes: Here is some of my work as builder so far: This is the hint to the secret room i built. The hint was also pretty...
  8. Lzice

    Lzice - Cool to Builder (again?!?!?!)

    I seem to have been demoted. Not sure when or why. Can I be put back based on my previous application or do I need to find more pics? Cheers Lzice
  9. Lzice

    lzice cool - builder

    Time for promotion I hope! Some of my latest stuff (no repeats from last promo!) A thing which is colourful (i was bored) A bridge on world 100 Inside the same bridge My name (i keep doing that! dunno why...) Underwater remains. Contributed to the T9K rave on world 100. Massive party...
  10. Lzice

    Guest - Cool

    Hi all! I have been building in these worlds for a while and I am pretty sure the next person I ask to put water in will kill me :p so i thought I would apply here. Not got many pictures of my work, and on this latest world its been a lot of neat long tunnels and stairs. (not easy to...