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  1. JerzeyLegend

    I can't believe y'all...

    Overwatch. I'm replaying Witcher 3. Also plan to get Mafia 3. I'm also between Destiny on xbox and playing in our old Minecraft worlds in Vivecraft.
  2. JerzeyLegend

    Star Citizen

    I activated my account. I have a pretty new rig coming Friday and I bought a Saitek X52 Pro. If I like what I play, I'll get in via the Squadron 42 pledge. I kind of like the Aurora's looks. I bought the X52 for Elite Dangerous (which is $15 right now).
  3. JerzeyLegend

    Roll Call

    Growing up is for squares. It kind of did. For like a few hours.
  4. JerzeyLegend

    Roll Call

    I am still alive. Joined for the reunion. Gonna be building a new machine in the next few days so I'll be on my PC a lot more thus I'll be in mumble quite a bit.
  5. JerzeyLegend

    PAX South

    Who will be going next year? Evie and I are planning to finally go.
  6. JerzeyLegend

    Ekg's Juiced t9k mumble skin

    I thought this was a blog. I'm like "why the hell am I in mumble?" and "is mumble popular again?" Then I saw the date and cried a little.
  7. JerzeyLegend

    Fallout 4

  8. JerzeyLegend

    Ark: Survival Evolved Survival, crafting, spears, and tamable dinosaurs = recipe for FUN!!! We NEEEEEED to play this game.
  9. JerzeyLegend

    SkySaga: Infinite Isles

  10. JerzeyLegend

    Killing Floor 2

    I might have it. Gotta check with the bank (wife).
  11. JerzeyLegend

    Random PC Builds

    It takes less than one hour to build it. Plus the pride from looking at your own machine!!
  12. JerzeyLegend

    Killing Floor 2

    Is anyone going in on a 6 pack?
  13. JerzeyLegend

    ESO Welcome Back Weekend

    ^ LMAO. I stole it. IDK, that's crazy.
  14. JerzeyLegend

    Random PC Builds

    You... brought... a... pre-built?
  15. JerzeyLegend

    ESO Welcome Back Weekend

    ESO: Tamriel Unlimited is free soon. For a few days. Copy-pasta from my email: Greetings Orlando , You are invited to participate in our Welcome Back Weekend for The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™. The weekend will run from April 16th at 10am EST ending on April 20th at 10am EST...
  16. JerzeyLegend

    Killing Floor 2

    Sign. Me. Up.
  17. JerzeyLegend

    My Pax East Experience

    10/10 would get drunk and almost throw up on a guy on the toilet again. Glad you had fun, I don't plan to miss next year and I hope to make South and East. After the first PAX I was only going for my Team9000 friends and booze, and I stayed for the PAX stuff. Last year was awesome, the parties...
  18. JerzeyLegend

    Taco Plays: Surgeon Simulator (feat. Aztec)

    All the video is choppy as hell.
  19. JerzeyLegend

    Random PC Builds

    I hate you.
  20. JerzeyLegend

    3D modeling

    Sketchup is now their own firm. The free Google sketch is no longer a thing. Sucks because it was very easy. Sketchup is from a company called Trimble Buildings.