3 games to giveaway


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Alright so I did the stupid thing and got the new humble bundle and I have three titles to giveaway

They are:
Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack
Legend of grimrock

Rules are the same as usual, One entry per person. Your one entry counts to getting one of the three listed games, so state your preference on which one you want. Once a few weeks have past I will do my usual random generator thing to determine the three winners.

Last time it was something interesting, This time your one entry should be something cool/ awesome! This time try not to do the bare minimum. I want awe inspiring music and spacey things (basically something grand like a super car or something). Use your imagination as long as it is really cool/ awesome! Basically post something that you think that I would find cool/ awesome!


These examples are now off limits but hopefully provide a good idea of what I am looking for!

Entries: (Game of choice)
Mountainboy965 (Terraria)
ZwiadowcaPL (Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack)
Anaxo (Legend of Grimrock)
That_taco_guy (Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete pack)
Benthewis (Legend of Grimrock)

Winners: (Game of choice)

Best of luck to those that enter and let the contest begin!

edit: Basically if you are the 1st winner you get the game of your choice. if 1st and 2nd have the same game then 2nd has to choose a new game and so on and so forth. Priority goes 1st then 2nd then third. How I decide 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be decided in the near future. I might filter by game but I don't think we will have enough entries for that to be an issue.


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"Wake up! Dammit, Luke, WAKE UP!"
Luke jumped outta bed, but couldn't remember a thing. He looked at the person shouting at him.
"Luke, if you don't get dressed in the next two minutes, I'm leaving you!"
The person stormed off and slammed the door shut behind them.
Luke looked around for his clothes, and found them strewn across the floor.
"Eww. A condom." He kicked it to the side. "What the hell happened last night?"
He quickly got dressed and ran downstairs, looking for the person that woke him up. Except, it wasn't a person.
"FUCK!!!! What the hell are you?!" Luke screamed.
He was staring at what looked like a humanoid greenish-blue martian with webbed fingers and super-sized eyes. Instead of hair, it looked like long fingers coming out of its head. There also looked like what appeared to be gills in the arms.
"Luke, stop being silly. We've been together for 6 months! Now let's go, before the coppers get here."
"Wait wait wait, we're dating? Since whaaaa?!"
"Dammit, look, why did you bring those druggy's here. We gotta go! C'mon!"

The creature rushed Luke into the super-sonic motorship. It was the size of a large car, but somewhat shaped like a cross between a submarine and a rocket. It was black with a long yellow stripe on the side. There also appeared to be machine gun turrets on the sides.
"Get in!" the creature yelled.
As Luke buckled into his seat, the creature revved up the engine. As they sped away into the sky, Luke saw some strange floating vehicles with blue lights flooding the house that they just left.
"What even... Where am I?"
"We are leaving this planet. It's not safe. Too many bounty hunters here and Galactic Troopers."
"Wait, planet? Leaving? Galatic Troopers?"
"Luke, what the hell is wrong with you? You act like you don't remember anything."
"Honestly, last thing I remember is going to sleep in my bed in Kentucky."
"Kentucky? What's that?"
Luke didn't really hear the last question. He stared out the window, confused. As they flew away from the orange-golden planet and purple waters, he turned to the creature.
"What's your name?"
The creature laughed, and then looked at Luke with concern.
"You seriously don't remember anything do you?"
"Those drugs... they were a bad idea."
Luke looked away. After a second, he turned back to the creature.
"So.... what IS your name?"
"It's Goldilocks."
"And that planet that we just left? What planet was that?
"That was planet was Ek-Glados. We should never have gone there."
"Wait so, how far are we from Earth?"
"Yeah, how far are we from there?"
Goldilocks looked at Luke like he was crazy.
"Luke... there is no Earth. It's a distant legend. Some scientists wonder if there ever was such a thing as Earth. If there was, it blew up and was swallowed by a black hole over a million years ago."
"NO! That's not possible!"
"Stop being silly, you're starting to scare me."

"Fuuu! Hold on Luke, we got company! Galactic Troopers!" Goldilocks furiously began punching buttons on the control panel. There were 6 space-ships hauling ass towards them.
"System, Arm!"
"Oh no. Are they gonna shoot us?!"
"Not if we shoot them first," shouted Goldilocks. "System, initiate fire!"

The motorship began to fire white lasers and blue balls at the Galactic ships. 3 of them immediately shrunk and disappeared, without leaving any trace of explosion. The other 3 ships began to elongate themselves as they prepared to attack and fire.
"Whoa!" exclaimed Luke. "They're getting bigger!"
"That means they are about to fire away! Hold on, this could get nasty!"

After expanding in a matter of seconds, the 3 ships hurled their white lasers. These lasers, however, exploded all around the motorship as Goldilocks tried to dodge their attack.
"System, engage defense mechanisms!"
The motorship began to shoot out a bunch of sparklers around the ship, in an effort confuse the enemy lasers.
"System, FIRE!!!
The motorship fired a cannon-load of ammunition, releasing a flood of white lasers and blue balls toward the enemy. Two of the ships immediately retracted and disappeared.
"YES! Two of them down, 1 more to go. That should be easy. System, engage warp-speed."
"What're you doing," asked Luke."
"We're going into that asteroid mine-field ahead."

The motor-ship sped ahead as the Galactic ship followed closely behind. Goldilocks furiously worked her ship up and down and through the asteroid field, as the elongated Galactic ship kept up behind, all the while trying to shoot them down.
"Hold on, I got a trick up my sleeve," Goldilocks shouted.
As they came around a particularly large asteroid, Goldilocks let loose a bunch of the sparklers and white smoke. Immediately, she spun the ship around the asteroid, and turned on her landing gear. The ship immediately attached itself the asteroid on the far side away from the Galactic ship. As soon as the Galactic ship passed the asteroid, Goldilocks revved up her engines, and was now in pursuit of the Galactic ship.
"Haha! Yes! It worked! Now look who's behind who!"
Luke cracked a smile, "The hunted becomes the hunter. Nice work Goldilocks. Let's blow that Galactic ass up."
"System, engage fire!"
The motorship shot off a bunch more of the white lasers and blue balls. This time, however, the Galactic ship blew up into a billion smithereens.
"Damn. Look at that explosion," exclaimed Luke.

Luke turned to Goldilocks. "Goldy, I need to get my memory back. Can you help me? Last thing I remember is living on Earth."
"I'm already taking you to get your memory back. But first..."
Golilocks smoothed her hair, and began undressing.
"Whoa, wait, what're you doing."
"We still have unfinished business Luke... After your horrible performance last night, you owe me one!" Goldilocks dropped her last piece of clothing.
Luke stared at Goldilocks naked body. But it was just so alien. Blue, greenish, and leathery.
Luke simply stated, "I'm not interested right now."
Goldilocks looked at him oddly, and confused. "That's a first," she muttered. "Well then, I have no choice."
Goldilocks jumped at Luke, and bit him in the neck. Luke's body went comatose, but he was still fully aware of what was going on. He simply had no more control over his body. Goldilocks began to furiously rip his clothes off and dug into his privates. Her fingery hair began to do their dirty work on him. It was both pleasurable and frightening at the same time.


As he began climax, Theo woke up in a cold sweat! Back in Kentucky, in his bed, Theo began to realize that he had been dreaming.
"Honey, what is it?" Theo's new wife rolled over and asked.
"Dammit, sorry honey." Theo got outta bed and walked to the bathroom. "Just a really, really, really, weird dream. A wet dream," Theo muttered quietly to himself, as he began to clean up.
"Honey, I love you." Theo's wife smiled mischievously. As Theo was in the bathroom, his wife quietly hid the roofies in her drawer.

+The End+

Hope you enjoyed that.

Game of Choice: Terraria


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Wait, so what do we do?
I'm guessing we're to write a story, like his last giveaway.
No not just a story if you want to show me like a cool new car I would totally except that. basically as long as it is awesome and cool anything flies!!!!

some examples:

oh and now those examples are off limits!

tl;dr long as story so just read the damn thing

Game of Choice: Terraria
alright that was pretty cool so you are entered for terraria.


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Ek, I might have something cool to show you, or at least tell you about. Have you heard of Vivian James?


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updated the OP to clarify some rules. Basically if you are the 1st winner you get the game of your choice. if 1st and 2nd have the same game then 2nd has to choose a new game and so on and so forth. Priority goes 1st then 2nd then third. How I decide 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be decided in the near future. I might filter by game but I don't think we will have enough entries for that to be an issue.


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I've posted this to T9k like forever ago, but hey, I don't think you've seen it.

Also, some amazing Jazz music from my alltime favorite Anime : Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope)

Preferred game : Legend of Grimrock