Alright Kiddos, let's talk about some things (Life Updates)


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I've gone through all of school, currently checking out career paths that I should have done years ago, but hey! I didn't know I'd have problems with some of my initial choices... Anyways, I will be returning to schooling for possibly marketing, or working my way up to a Journeyman's in the Electrician field. Since last time I was involved in this delightful community, I went through a couple relationships, realized I needed personal growth, and through it I met my current girlfriend, which has lasted since late 2017. I currently enjoy modding consoles for myself and might make a side business doing it. PC gaming is always my jam, but getting through my backlog is crucial right now before more money dishes out. I also now go by 'Tamarock" (sometimes Tammarock if it is taken) in communities or by my actual name. Looking forward to communicating slightly on the discord, Ciao.


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Holy wow where has time gone? I joined T9K almost 9 years ago, and this is my first time being back on here in at least 4, maybe even 5, idk. It's crazy seeing everyone all grown up now with real jobs and shit. Shout out all of y'all for being successful and stuff. I'm about to graduate from college next month with a degree in kinesiology and am planning on taking a year off before (hopefully) going back to grad school. Still not super sure what I want to do with my life, I'm thinking something along the lines of exercise physiology or physical therapy, but only time will tell. This has made me super nostalgic, so if y'all will excuse me I'm gonna go to bed and cry for a little while.

p.s. don't go read my bio unless you want to lose a significant amount of IQ points, I guess I'll leave it, but good lord I'm so sorry that that's what I used to talk like
Squirley!!! The IQ points I've lost from your bio doesn't begin to compare to the IQ points I've lost from you over the years...


Hey guys,

Refer to the thread i made just now but yeah holy shit i remember this forum very well back then.
I am a real life working adult now and i just been playing a lot of overwatch recently haha.
But yeah Minecraft Team9000 Classic server is what i used to spend a lot of hours on back in 2013 when i was trying to climb the ranks.

I hope some of those players back then see my post and remember me :)


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I've been bouncing around mobile gaming for the past few years. I'm about to get back into either playstation or pc gaming. i beat the witcher 3 and horizon zero dawn when they both came out a couple of years ago but i don't have anything new. if anyone has any insight i've been checking out Fortnite, Division 2, Destiny 2 and Anthem.

i also had this one about 15 months ago and i got married last year.

P.S i tried many different ways to post the pic here and it won't do it, keeps popping up errors on the website.
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Its still haunts me... One time I banned a griefer in the classic server. Turns out, he had helped some people with sprites, so when I reverted him, it devastated a big sprite of Link and I felt really bad about it.


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Holy fak. I just got this sudden urge to hop on MC Classic. After years of not even thinking about this place, the good ol' days hit me like a truck:') This community had a profound impact on me, and the people in it will forever have a place in my heart. Sorry for not keeping in touch with any of you fine folk. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the hands of time, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.

I've been working in Algonquin Park for a couple of years, and I'm considering a programming degree from a Toronto college (good match right?). I like to play guitar and get riggity rekt with my pals, but I also spend a lot of time trying to stay healthy:) I of course still game, with Outer Worlds being my jam lately.

If anyone wants to play some vidya sometime, or just reach out, you can find me on Steam as Krsmas.

I hope everyone the best! Thanks for the good times.


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I stumbled back across this website since I saw tshin on my steam friends list and was curious what this community has become. Only took me two tries to guess my password here since I was super concerned about password security when i was 15 kek

Anyways, it's good to see all these old names holy shit! I'm nearly 25 these days and graduated from uni a little over two years ago. I currently work for 3 different companies as what is essentially a systems analyst. I've been teaching myself Photoshop recently and have actually been doing some creative design freelance jobs for a pretty big record label in the town over (fingers crossed that leads to more opportunities in the future!). My girlfriend is currently applying to medical schools, so it may be time to move across the country soon depending on where she gets accepted... so that's definitely exciting! I still definitely spend most of my free time playing video games - it's nice to see some things never change heh.

I'll probably check back in here again with hopes for new responses from some of the old guys. Keep those familiar names comin' and I hope all of our good luck continues in life

(PS make me engi please thanks)