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Ban Appeal


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Hi, I love team 9k and i was on yesterday (july 16) and was building a spleef but today (july 17) I tried to log in and noticed i was banned 16 hours and 40 minutes ago by griefing a sword. I swear i would never grief anything. I don't even know how i griefed. I am the person that made sky town in 4something something. Ask csi for proof that i made it at first and that i am not and never will be a griefer for ANY server. Survival classic or freebuild.


Hai Maiarbat, you were indeed banned by lzice for griefing a sword. Griefing is against the rules, and as lzice is one of our more experienced moderators, I find it unlikely that he screwed up and that you truly didn't grief. I will, however, notify him about this appeal, but you're going to have to be patient until he gets to it.

- Yuvi


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Hello there maiarbat,

I did ban you for grief of a sword sprite. just to the right of spawn on the last guest.

In light of the amount of building you have done with us I am prepared to unban you and allow you a second chance. Please be careful not to damage any other structures and have fun building :)


User Unbanned - Appeal Accepted