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Bug report down


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Bug report is down so I can' report that wiki team9000 is down.


DIdn't realize bug reporting was moved to more at the top of the screen. this can be disregarded.
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Hmm.. I wonder if this counts as a necropost, seeing as this thread is old AF, yet it's the most recent thread.

Anyways, reporting wiki is still down, comprehensive bugs list is also down.


Gonna add to github too, if anyone still looks at any of these things...


Lol, not going to happen. We're luck that the report an issue link was changed. It's a pain to keep everything updated all of the way back in every thread it's ever been posted in.
Isn't the entire reason why that post/thread linked and stickied to provide a way to report the bug to a place that is looked at? If so, what's the point in making it like that but not updated?

Also the launch is down
There's a whole thread about why it's down and won't be fixed: https://www.team9000.net/threads/team9000-launch-notice-of-temporary-suspension.27857/


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