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Ekg's Juiced t9k mumble skin


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Yesterday Ozy linked a site in which you can customize a mumble skin to your liking!

So after derping around with it for a few hours I managed to come up with this:

and here is a pic of the settings

It Is a t9k esque skin using a preset theme known as juice.

If you would like to have this skin go here to download it (hopefully it works) and enjoy. Also I do have inverted text on so you may have to take that into consideration (this option is accessed via the mumble9000 options)

Ninja edit: so I changed my text option to the normal text color and to tell you the truth it isn't all that bad lol. All the server messages are the same just the chat box differs. I personally suggest the inverted option but it is up to you

Alternatively if you would like to make your very own juiced skin go to http://zavaboy.com/phpbox/juicer/ and do feel free to share your very own creation


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In unrelated news Mumble9000 is now available as an easy installer (it installs just like Mumble).

You can get the package at


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Hello everyone,

i am Designer of --

by visiting internet I saw your skin mumble and I allowed myself to you create one for free, if you are interested I put you in the download.
Best regards

sorry for the mistakes I use google translation

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I thought this was a blog. I'm like "why the hell am I in mumble?" and "is mumble popular again?" Then I saw the date and cried a little.
I know right? and on my end it is like why the hell is some one rezzing my 3 year old thread for an ad?

designer thank you but no.