Fill me in on what happened to classic?


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I was just simply not around when classic disappeared. Did the servers get shut down or the gamemode itself? Missing it so much :/


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It was taken off the front page, that's when it's popularity died down. Eventually Mojang stopped supporting it entirely, and that was around the time we stopped altogether with it.
On top of that, the new account system that was implemented did not allow new accounts to even log into minecraft classic. New players would have to purchase a premium account to register a username, and by that point, why would any new player go looking for classic servers when they had access to what they paid for? Server populations died down across the board with the lack of new players to flood 'em.


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What happened to classic? I'll tell you what happened : We all got on the Classic server one last time and made many-a-Swaspenises. We counted down the seconds until its glorious end, and then we cried as it was sent into the loving arms of Team9000 history.