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About the spectating glitch, I am glad you fixed it. But there is one other way to glitch it that I know of... but I don't think anyone else knows about it. I wont do the glitch by the way Wooty :p. And I wish people can still spectate others :/.
I can PM you, Wooty, about the glitch if you'd like.


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Well, honestly, for me it just happens on accident, but when it happens you are alive on a team but in Free Spectate mode. In other words, it's like having noclip but not being disquallified. And I think x might know this glitch as well.

P.S.: I think the old Water-run map glitch that I figured out long ago, can still be done, I haven't checked yet though. And this glitch is still VERY hard to do without extremely high of an FPS rate.


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Alright, here are the steps:

1.) Make sure your menu type is set to Old Style.

2.) Join the server when the map is on surf_water-run.

3.) Join a team. Note: do not choose a character (Arctic Avenger, Elite Crew etc.)

4.) Type /skills or /options to take the words off the screen.

5.) Wait till you reach the final ramp on the map and surf to the ladder. (Note that this is very hard to do.)

P.S. I checked, it does still work.