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Hobo Town

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Hobo Town

Back in the day when there was an overworld called "The Outlands" which had portals to other "safe-zone" cities, that was all it was. The rest of it was mostly griefed builds and destroyed landscape.

It was like this for a while, and it was rarely used as a place to live in. That is, until the idea of "camping" in the outlands as if it were the wilderness started to take hold.

So, one of these "camping" trips was done by a few people. Two of whom were Babybacon and Mariolink42. Babybacon and Mariolink42 were both residents of Eagle Pass, a "safe-zone" city at the time. They set up a spot, camped there for a minecraft day, and went back to Eagle Pass. But they ended up doing another camping trip, along with ShooterTy12 and Pok3monrocks, that evenetually started the formation of what was going to be the greatest Outlands town of all time.

It was organized at first that it would be walled-in town, that Babybacon and Mariolink42 would be the mayors, and that ShooterTy12 and Pok3monrocks the successors. The houses could only be tents, with a few exceptions if negotiated first. Any house that wasn't a tent without permission would be mutilated.

Hobo Town grew in popularity at an incredible rate, the "Citizen" wall being flooded with signs on both sides. People kept coming into Hobo Town, setting up a tent, and then making it their home. It grew four times the size of what it was originally intended to be. It was allied with the Cydonian Empire, it had sucked the life out of Eagle Pass(To Babybacon and Mariolink42's dismay), and it inspired other Outlands towns to form. It was insane. But even with the floods of people, it had a great community and lots of fun around every corner. Everyone was welcomed, and felt welcomed.

Hobo Town would go on strongly until the wipe of the entire Outlands.

"Hobo Town is pretty poppin'!" -Ozy

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