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Would anyone be up for streaming some 4 player co-op in the arenas

(I would really like to stream the adventure (story) mode from start to finish but it is way to buggy to stream as the game crashes after every single level)
They fixed adventure mode it is now possible to play through without crashing inbetween every level will be looking to schedule a time to stream a play through of the entire game in one sitting (would prob take 3 hours tops game is not that long)

I am also still interested in streaming some arena battles as well
We need to find a time to do this i have fri / sat off would like to do it one of these days since it will prob take a few hours to play through


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I would love to join with ze pointy hat mage of epicness, just get a rough time scheduled =D.


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Awesomesauce Fridayness, Just get a good time running and hopefully can get the crew on eh?
If no ones using it I'd like to try and cast on the main channel, if not we can just cast wherever.

Also please start throwing out times that work for you and hopefully we can find some mutual time frame. I'm free the entire day.


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Getting authorization to cast on the main channel is the issue. The codes to do that aren't exactly thrown around like candy. BTW I do have a mixer, so I can cast game audio, and other users on mumble. I just need to find a decent screen capture software.
I understand fully that not just anyone gets access to cast.
Was going to see if we could just get temporary access for this.
If we cant work this out then well just cast from wherever.

Just to note we have 5 people interested and only 4 spots. I have been looking for ways to override this but as of yet it doesn't look like anyone's successfully modded a way to host more then 4 players.

As the game is still a little buggy I will be keeping the save game editor handy encase we need to force the game to start at a certain level.
There's another bug that does sometimes occur where the party doesn't receive a certain spell required to win the game. I can use the editor to fix this as well should this happen.
At no time will the editor be used for anything other then overcoming bugs in the game.

I would also like to propose a ban on the Crash to Desktop Spell not because of its random kill anything epicness (as this is quite funny) but rather because it destroys whatever items the person is carrying and there is no way to avoid it whatsoever.


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Destroying items is part of the game. That's like banning falling off an edge and drowning, intentionally or otherwise.
falling of an edge and drowning are avoidable and usually the result of hilarious frantic spell casting.

Crash to desktop ignores shield and instantly kills you with no ability to react.
Although funny at times its also rather annoying especially since it consumes your items.