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Minecraft Name Change Now Available


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As was announce on January 12, 2015, Mojang put up a blog post citing future plans to release the ability to change your name on February 4, 2015. As such, that day is today and so if you've ever wanted to capitalize your name or remove those pesky numbers, here's your chance.

Information on how to continue is in the blog post attached to the link above.


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Well I guess whoever the non-skin using Patchouli is actually bought the game, because I can't pick it. Either that or someone beat me to it.


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At long last, I can finally use my individual name, now that I don't share my account with my brother.

Jonny_Uppercut has arrived!


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A warning to any Optifine Donators. Your Optifine cape will not transfer over if you change your name. Apparently, there is a way to switch the name registered with Optifine, but I would read up some more on that if you are worried about losing your cape.


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Unfortunately, my desired name, Pythos, is and has been taken for some time. Oh well.


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The only reason I would change my name would just be to shorten my name to just 'Chiba'.

However, I'm not gonna do it. :p I'm so used to it now that I'd feel weird having it changed.


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I don't make mistakes. When I choose a name, that name is my name.

Also I was locked out of my original email so I can't change my name because I can't hook it up to a Mojang account without access to that email account.


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Also, whoever thought they were being funny with "BIGDICKSLANGER", I will revert your prefix and suffix when you change your name to something more mature. You have 30 days, Mr. ILIKEBIGDICKSLANGERSCOMINGALLOVERMYFACE.
There are more sinister names out there at the moment....


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There are more sinister names out there at the moment....
And as I see them I will add prefixes and suffixes as I see fit. If they are not changed to appropriate levels of maturity within 30 days I can and will issue a harsher discipline, such as locking you in a bedrock box while denying access to /slay.

Also "BIGDICKSLANGER" is pointless repetition. It's basically "LARGE PENISES PENIS."