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Minecraft v1.4


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Ok, so as many of you know 1.4 is released! Hooray right? I think so! The following is what was added.

Wolves: You tame them with bones, varies how much (I have done up to 6). Just right click with bones in hand. They attack stuff that attacks you. If you click on something, they will attack it too! This is fun to watch. DO NOT ATTACK UNTAMED WOLVES! If in a pack, they will all attack you, and you will not be able to tame them. Right click on the wolves to make them sit or stand. When standing, they follow. When sitting, they stay there till you go get them. If a wolf falls in a pit or gets left behind (if standing) then they will teleport to you! One last thing, you can tell the hp of the wolf by looking at their tails. The shorter it is, the less hp they have. To heal a wolf, right click on it with food in hand. Bacon/Pork works for sure. Not sure if other stuff does.

I would put up a screen shot of my wolves, but I do not know how to work the new system... I'll try to figure it out.

Cookies! Now we have cake and cookies.. Hmm, possibilities. No pic, you have to get cacao from dungeons and I have not gotten any yet. Then we have to figure out the recipe for making them like grandma... Will be very difficult. Side note: With the introduction of cacao, there is now brown dye, I have even seen brown sheep. Enjoy!

Now when you sleep in beds, your spawn gets placed there! Could be good and bad, just be careful where you sleep.

You can not crouch on ladders! This will keep you in place, very handy indeed.

Spiders now no longer trample crops, finally! Oh, and wolves do not either, so that is good.

New logo on the front menu, looks nice.

Lastly, some tech stuff that no one cares about! Hooray!

Have fun guys!


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I do not know. It will be updated when Wooty gets to it. Everyones answer will be relatively the same, so you don't have to ask all over. Just be patient :)


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wish the server will come back online. :(

I'm betting 1.4_01 will have acheivements and stats


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1.5 will have all the achievements and stats (1.4 was supposed to but they didn't want to delay the release any longer)


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yes, but 1.4 has the files for it, which count away as you keep doing things


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I think that because the essentials plugin controls player spawns that sleeping in a bed will not change your spawn. Just saying. Lmk if anyone has tried on the server and discovered different results.