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Minecraft v1.5


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\Ok, so I have covered quite a few of the updates so far, so I will continue I guess. As many of you know, MC v1.5 is out. With is came many changes and features! Hooray! So here is the list from the Word of Notch covering the main points./

----->Minecraft Beta 1.5, and some thoughts on this blog
(You will need to update your servers as well)

* Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
* Statistics
* Achievements
* Detector rail
* Booster rail
* Performance improvements

More statistics and achievements will be added over time as we develop the game. They’re only stored locally at the moment, but we’ll slowly be rolling out online storing of achievements over time.


Ever since we got the office started, my inspiration for blogging here has slowly declined over time. I still enjoy doing it, but I never quite have the time or feel the need to do so. I wonder if that means this blog is dying? I hope not!

posted 3 hours ago<-----

\So, some big stuff right? All sounds like a lot of fun. One thing that I am sad that is not in the update is pistons, I though for sure they were coming. Well, next time. Oh, and Notch said he will not be checking his twitter or anything until he beats portal 2, so no bug fixes for a while. Unless his other employees do it themselves./

\Now, here is the MC v1.5 update and bug fix/new bug list from Minecraft Wiki. So much more detailed, and updated constantly./

----->Added Weather (rain, snow, thunder)
Added Statistics and Achievements
New Items (Detector rail, Powered Rail, Birch and Pine/Spruce Saplings)
Holding SHIFT+Click on something in a chest will immediately drag the selected item(s) into your inventory and vice-versa.
Birch and Pine/Spruce trees now drop Birch and Pine/Spruce saplings, respectively
Performance improvements
Crafting a ladder now produces 2 ladders
If lightning strikes a pig, it becomes a Zombie Pigman
New settings in options:
Ability to change GUI size (Small, Normal, Large, Auto)
Advanced OpenGL (For higher-end graphics cards)
New Power armor image that looks like electricity (in /armor) This file is used when a mob is hit by lightning
Bug Fixes:
Climbing a ladder with gaps will not work anymore, but moving downwards is still possible.
On fancy graphics, the sides of grass blocks are now biome-specific and match the shade on the top.
You can now move through flowing water at previous speed.
Wolves have a better understanding of doors. (They will go through doors most of the time, but will sometimes get stuck on the 3 pixel thickness of the door. They will eventually back up for another go at the opened door.)
The lighting on portals and ice has been fixed (previously had triangles on the blocks) when using Smooth Lighting.
On SMP, the health of wolves are now syncronized between server and client, causing wolves to only whimper when low on health, opposed to all of the time.
Redstone in off state is red again.
New Bugs:
Achievements only work in SMP if you have already completed first achievement in Single Player.
FPS counter shows Chunk Updates instead of FPS, usually while generating new chunks
Crash when Detector Rails are placed beside normal rails.
Blocks can't be placed on snow.
If you change Advanced OpenGL to on and then back again, giant holes will appear that you can see through.
Jumping off a fence in SMP triggers an anti-flight kick.
Rain will fall through glass, acting as if there is no block there.
When hitting a grass block the destroying animation is darker on the side than the animation on top of the grass block, though only on fancy graphics.
Flowing water no longer pushes empty minecarts that fall into it
GUI: create new world input boxes misaligned under small and normal settings
Sometimes you might not get an achievement even if you do what it requires to get. This can usually be fixed by doing it in another world.
Locked Chest is once again obtainable through inventory editing or SMP /give commands. The chests can be placed, but can't be interacted with, and they disappear shortly after placement.<-----

\I am busy today, so you will have to just deal with me not giving you a detailed report on everything. Sorry about that! If you have any thoughts about the update, any new news, screen shots, ect. Go ahead and post them./
\Anyways, enjoy the new update!/