Not dead yet.


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So there I was listening to some music and the Minecraft sound track came on. Needless to say it brought up some serious nostalgia and memories. Wanted to say hi to old friends and new faces and I hope you are all doing well! If anyone wants to do a roll call and post info to stay connected that would be more than welcome.

Add me on discord at Briggs#3288 if you don’t already have me on steam. There’s two Briggs accounts I have there, it’s the one with more games on it. I couldn’t get into my older one. Same profile pic for the two though.
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HOLY SHIT! It's a Briggs. Glad to see you're doing ok my dude.

Yeah the t9k minecraft memories are real. I remember joining when I was 13 and now I'm 23, whew boy. Hard to believe it's been a whole decade.

Anyway I hope everyone is living the good life and still kicking it! If anyone would like to add me on steam, I go by calicosy now.