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Oddworld Friends and Foes: The Slig!


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Hello, and welcome to the next installment of Oddworld Friends and Foes! Last time, I told you about the slaves, the Mudokon. But what's a slave without it's master?

Introducing...the Slig!
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Faction: Industrial
Class: Minion
Family: Unknown (Possibly Octigi)
Homeland: Mudos
Role: Military/Armed Forces/Middle-class
Possess-able: Yes
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Sligs are squid-like creatures that are usually found walking or flying around using mechanical "pants". They are the guards of many industrialized areas, such as Rupture Farms, Soulstorm Brewery, and many more. Usually armed with either a machine gun or grenade launcher and wearing a Mudokon ID-sensing visor, these guys are quite common and can be a handful to defeat. Sligs can also be very lazy, and are often found asleep.
These guys are almost always holding a high-precision gun in their trigger-happy hands, and they know how to use it very well. Sligs, even with mechanical pants, can't jump, so jumping onto higher ground will easily allow you to avoid them.

When possessed, these guys can become your greatest friends. First off, you can sometimes blend in with other guards (or get shot repeatedly by them), use the gun to protect you, beat Mudokons or tell them to get down so you can shoot over their heads, and even control Slogs, Who I'll explain in a later installment.
These guys have a deep, gravelly voice and can speak to each other very well. They can also talk to Slogs, commanding them to eat other Sligs or Mudokons.
These guys aren't usually a hassle to kill, since they are sometimes sleeping or somewhere where they can't see you. You can easily possess them, trick them into a bomb, or you can use the Shrykull on packs. Also, If a Slig sees you, It will usually say "Freeze!" before shooting you, allowing you a split second to run away. If you sprint to a Slig, however, He will simply shoot you on sight. If Sligs are found near an Anti-Chant Sensor, Chanting can give your position away by shocking you, stopping the chant in the process. Sligs have very poor vision in the dark, so you can sneak past them in the shadows. Sligs that are in packs can be very dangerous to you and other by standing Mudokons. Sligs without pants are harmless, but freak out when you are sighted, alerting anyone in the room.
For many reasons, if the Slig wasn't in the game, Oddworld wouldn't be very fun. They provide an excellent puzzle-solving aspect, as well as give the player a new way to kill enemies.

The Sligs are a very nice addition to the game. I really like them for adding difficulty to the game.