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Minecraft - Ogdin 10.JPG
Minecraft - Ogdin 06.JPG
Minecraft - Ogdin 07.JPG
Minecraft - Ogdin 08.JPG

got some water added to the 'glass level' (thanks XxXReBoxXxX), added some bookcases and benches for the library, two more views from outside. have a floating island with a tree in it, above the structure. Also added an external staircase. im at 730.3 minutes (12.2 hours) feeling a lot of tired, and worried about loosing this when i logout.


Nice building friend i must tell a admin about this please be pashent i must tell him because you did lot of nice thngs if you are on minecraft call me to help i will help you with /water , /lava and also building i must tell a admin please be pashent ok


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You haven't quite built enough to be promoted to the next rank, but keep up the good work! Feel free to continue posting your work to this thread, and we'll continue to review it over time.

Even though you haven't been promoted yet, keep in mind that it is our top priority to protect all of our user's creations safe from griefers. Even if you are only guest rank, we still try our best to keep the guest worlds clean and safe for everyone.


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Sorry, but the classic server was officially closed.
Like, a week ago...or something.
Also, it hasn't quite been ten years...


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lol, just my luck.. i thought about coming on again a couple of weeks ago.. but finally did today and couldnt find a way in... wanted to see if all of it was still there :p