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Perfect Dunedin Run By Th1eF


New Member
Nice...had a little trouble cuz i didnt know u had to open CS -_-

anyways,nice. always died at lvl 5....

LOL u can see me giving people noclip and saying "Nice" at the end


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im to lazy to downlaod demos get fraps and put it on youtube you noooooob :] <3.... and i want thizzles in the sheets that are mine xox


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i got fraps buts its only the trial version which only gives 30 seconds max of recording.... :(. Hey rho is war if you see this give me a post with a guide on how to get fraps working longer then 30 seconds or something thx.


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i seriously forgot how i made that since it was over a year ago. im gonna make a new one though so just record your demos and ill tell you how to make it once i figure it out