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If you still exist post an update about your life and how made it back to t9k for this idiot post.
Tried going to TAFE, that didn't pan out so well.
Decided that I have a serious lack of motivation and structure in my life, so I'm spending the first half of 2016 towards getting a routine up and going, and making sure I stick to it. So far it's been going fairly well, waking up at 9:30-10 everyday instead of late afternoons, going to sleep at a reasonable time. ect.

Basically right -now- I'm trying to get a simple job so I can pay for my final few courses I need to do in TAFE, which I hope to start mid-2016.

Why I'm here and made it back here?
I removed T9K from my main 6 bar on chrome awhile ago, but I left it in my bookmarks and sometimes when I visit something dumb has happened, or something mildly interesting.

Like this for example, so that's how my life led me back here.
Man, where do I even start?

A long time ago this website/server had a Minecraft community when it was a tiny little game. I had a very young child but got on here all the time and became a part of the community... kind of.

At some point I joined Team9000 Casual on Facebook. I get a notification every time someone posts in it. This time a Michael Collinson posted in it and said there was a big reunion on Mumble. I got on there and there are all those old names that were on back in the day. It must have been 5 or 6 years ago. I didn't say anything but just listened... I have to say I don't know almost all of these games that were being thrown out there. It made me realize I kind of went a different way in life. I got married and had two children (not particularly in that order) and played a few games on and off. I'm a gamer at heart... without the extra time.

I feel like my (now) 7 year old daughter plays all the games that I would be, and I work hard so she is able to. I really had to grow out of the commitment of signing on to a game or chat server so I could focus on getting my family started.

While I was here I pissed a bunch of people off, and to those: I'm sorry. Especially Newpapercrane. I don't even remember what we got into it about but I was being a mouthy little punk I am sure.

Anyway I'm glad this community has carried on for all these years. I really loved it for a long time and some of you guys became a part of my life. I'm thankful for that. I'll continue to check in about once every 9 months or so like I have been. Godspeed guys.
I visit pretty frequently, hoping something exciting happens...Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too optimistic.
I'm still alive. Got accepted into a course of Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney that starts in March. Got hooked on FF XIV a week or 2 ago. I'm still here for the most part, still lurking in the shadows. Still bored, waiting for something to enthral me in the same way Team9000 once did.
Just finished my first semester of electrical engineering with relatively shitty grades and got nothing to do until mid March. I hope I can fix the grades and my unbelievable laziness soon. Although I'm not on mumble and I've lost interest for minecraft, I don't plan to leave t9k.
I pop in every now and again on the forums and occasionally dare the silence of mumble. I've been in and out of TAFE studies doing screen and media and currently helping shoot a sitcom. Besides that I don't get up to much.
I check this site every day, but remain mostly quiet. Because of this, lots have happened. Firstly, I now live in the mid-south rather than the midwest. I no longer look like I'm 8 (thanks for that comment way back when, Pixiel) . Besides that, nothing hugely important has happened.
Still lurking here.
Grew even more hair, started playing bass in a band, weekly Dungeons and Dragons, Learning sound engineering at the local music venue and I will probably be the guy booking/contacting bands in 6 months.
I'm spending most of my time creating a proper/disciplined lifestyle for myself and looking for a job.

ps: Av room, give me back my bike

Still visit here every day. Going to Chatt State for Digital Design & Production, moved to downtown, go to a Amtgard LARPing group, joined a DnD group, play Runescape. Hang out with LemonAllDay for the most part on TS.
I do check in everyday even with the site at a crawl. Currently a sophomore at my local university (sounds a lot cooler than it is). I was originally going into Computer Science but my last semester was a nightmare and I dropped most of my classes. Now I'm looking to get an associates in Legal Studies and graduate by next year. Only reason I still make myself go is I feel entitled to use my scholarship money for something and I still want a bit more time to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have tried to focus on self improvement and finding ways to make a career out of many creative ideas that I have.

As far as T9K goes, it's been incredibly fun. I hope that the few people who still hang around don't go anywhere soon because I liked being able to talk with some of you guys. I'm too paranoid to do social media or stuff like that anyways.
I check in every once in awhile. Don't really post much anymore. I run a little community thing for a few close friends. I'm working as an intern at a startup now.

In other news, people should get on Discord. I like it better than Mumble and Skype. But whatever.
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I've been dating a grill I met quickly after moving back to Arkansas for about a year and a half now so that's pretty neato. Been playing games with a bunch of irl friends and their squad over the last year so I usually am too busy doing that for mumble stuff.

I'm 99% guaranteed to get a full scholarship to one of the best colleges in Arkansas which isn't saying much but hey, it's free. Also I've been really involved in a lot of school clubs and extra curricular activities like volunteering for Bernie Sanders which is cool.

Team9000 is dead tbh