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Setting personal spawn point


Possible fix: Beds can only work within a towny plot.

This would make beds be used more for a home recall so wouldn't be as abusable. Like you couldn't just bring your bed into a build site outside of your town so you can go suicidal crazy. You wouldn't be able to just carry a bed with you wherever you go to use as a mobile spawn point.. only as a home base spawn. Unless you want to build an outpost claimed with towny, but then you still have to pay up the plot fee.

Would also give a lil more reason to want to join a town. Would make town hotels more than something pretty to look at.

Could make beds usable without being so easily abused and without taking away from the "survival aspect" as much.
I was thinking of something where you pay $1000 to set a spawn point, and as long as there is a bed there, you will spawn there.If there isn't a bed there, you don't spawn there.

Both very good ideas. But further add the requirement to visit sign island!

Combined they would required 1) a visit to sign island, 2) a 'owned' plot in a town, 3) a $1000 purchase of a speical 'spawn' bed placed in towny plot. If bed is destroyed - you have to buy another one and only one bed at any one time.

But I doubt woot will ever enable beds...

On a side note i struggle to see why people die alot, I managed 2 months in the outlands without dying, you'd be amazed how long you can survive with having good armour and plenty of food; and not making noobish mistakes ... like mining the iron block your standing on - molten warmth was my reward - followed by an insane spawn run with added bonus of navigating the maze like and badly griefed 'skywalk' system...


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and not making noobish mistakes
Exactly, I got to level 35 and hadn't died once on the server since it began. But earlier today on my trip to spawn I fell into a hidden ravine and it killed me instantly. Just the slightest misstep can kill you a helluva lot quicker than any mob can.

P.S. it spawned me 3,000 blocks away from the ravine and by the time I got back to it, everything was still there but I couldn't get down to it, ended up missing the water and clipped the stone floor, thus killing me again. Spawned 3,000 blocks away again, ran back, everything had despawned so I lost 35 levels of Exp and a diamond sword. I promptly proceeded to rage quit on the spot.


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There should be a /sethome function as the server doesn't work very well.

I do always spawn somewhere in Skylands and have to walk for about 20mins everytime.

It kinda sucks when I always have to walk back to our city again...


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how about you just make the town you live in [or are a part of] your spawn point. this is good as most of my mines are near here