T9K Official Game Nights Info Thread!


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Keep up with Team9000 events with any of the following calendars:
Facebook Events(Primary) | Google Calendar | Steam Events

Game Nights are community ran events for playing some of the newest/funnest games that everyone can join in on, hang out, unwind, and just be total derps. During this we generally gather on the official T9k discord server to chat with friends on the happenings of the week (Discord info here) or to plan our strategy :). So what are you waiting for, hop into our next Game Night!

Want to host your own GN?
[collapse=Check out these guidelines for applying]
  • Find a game!
    -Whether it's a T9k launch game or a super awesome game you've ran across on the nets, find one that >4+ people can be grouped up playing and be entertained.
    -Keep the game in a relatively G-PG rating as many of our members are under 18 and if there's an extreme amount of nudity/gore it will get the parents angry :(.
    -If it's a game to purchase, keep it relatively cheap as not everyone has $50 to dish out for a new game. Exclusion: If enough people already own the game those would be acceptable (ex: CS:GO, Killing Floor, etc.)
    -Some games may be excluded due to time requirement for content, such as leveling/gold purchases/money shops. Games of this sort will be checked accordingly and a response will be given as to validity of the game.
  • Pick a night!
    -The Facebook calendar will have the most up-to-date stats for when a GN is occuring, please feel free to check for available nights to apply for.
    -Starting time will be up to the host to choose as some people of different countries will want to have it in their relative evenings. Note: In applying for a GN please convert to CST.
    -Holidays like Christmas, Halloween, etc. (not including national holidays like 4th of July, Labor Day,etc.) may not be scheduled GN's as people will be enjoying the holidays with family.
  • Hosts!
    -Are you gonna be the only host or will you have others hosting for bracket matches?
    -Please make sure other hosts are clear with all the details and alright with the event.
    -Other hosts are to respect the integrity of the GN and not give benefits to their team or others if in charge of administration as well.
  • Submit the Application!!!
    Well your at that point to submit for a GN, but how you ask?!?!
    -Send a conversation to "Bored" with the title format of this: Date of GN request/Game requested/~GNREQ~
    -Where to get the game? Cost?
    -Include a game 'flavor' text to be used for the description of the GN.
    -Start time for event, stop time -if not specified it will be a 2 hour event. Remember CST conversion.
    -Host(s) for the event listed. Add additional hosts to the conversation.
    -Server info/location will be required ~1 day before the event time.
    -Any extra info such as giveaways, server pass, special mumble room?

    -After event, post who host(s) determined to be MVP for the event.

    And that's all folks! :D

Tabletop Simulator Game Night!
"Is it monopoly? Is it D&D? Whatever it is it better be fun!"

Hosted by: Bored
Date: 1/22/17
Time: 12:00PM (midday) GMT-6
Server: Steam Servers (discord best place for info lads!)

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[collapse=2012 MVPs Recorded]
The Ship-9/29/12: csimiami14
L4D2-9/30/12: rsmv2you, scooterboo
TF2-10/5/12: David
Altitude-10/6/12: Stratadon, Negative_Zer0, Rev80
Trackmania-10/12/12: ConroD, Homerun_09, Wooty
Nuclear Dawn-10/13/12: Ozy (for repeated kills on Negative_Zer0 :))
Warsow-10/14/12: Kagato, Bored, Ozy
Armagetron-10/18/12: David
Killing Floor-10/19/12: fox_news (sick kiting man)
CS: GO-10/21/12: Patchouli

CS: GO-11/3/12: Kagato, BracaBrad
KF-11/7/12: David (high kills)
Trackmania-11/10/12: Wooty
Armagetron-11/14/12: Bored, ConroD
Altitude-11/20/12: Jerzeylegend
The Ship-11/24/12: Csimiami14, Landlubber ( :p )
CS: GO-11/28/12: LX_Mizu
TF2-12/7/12: David, Vorsprung, Motorkat (for the awesome giveaway :))
[collapse=2013 MVPs Recorded]
Armagetron-1/5/13: ConroD
Trackmania-1/9/13: Wooty
KF-2/16/13: ollee (sick snipes)
Suicide Survival-6/15/13: Chibamasato
The Ship-6/28/13: Csimiami14
KF-7/20/13: Brooklyn11218
CS:GO-11/15/13: Zennai (Snipes yo)

[collapse=2017 MVPs Recorded]
Tabletop Simulator-1/22/17: Ekgladiator (CaH winner), Jiyuueno (Clue winner)
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1 Hour til The Ship game night starts :). I know my shank is ready for some hunter action!
Ha, it's only 6:00 p.m. here, not much of a night...
Anyway, hope this is successful! I might be able to join later next month, or, as soon as my family decides on a new ISP.:biggrin:


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I tried playing, again. Keeps disconnecting from multiplayer in under 15 seconds and gives me some weird error :(


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I tried playing, again. Keeps disconnecting from multiplayer in under 15 seconds and gives me some weird error :(

Close steam. Delete ClientRegistry.blob and config/config.vdf from your steam directory. Restart steam.


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I'll hop on! Just got back from a mountain biking trip x) Time to take a cruise and not die!


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Updated for L4D2 game night. :)

Note: And a huge thank you to all those who showed up to The Ship game night, lots of stabbing, swindling, and fun was had by all.


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L4D2 game night starting in ~30mins (via steam calendar time) groups will be forming in the #gamenight room at that time :)

Cya there ladies!


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Updated for TF2 game night! 10/5/12

A big thank you to all those that participated in this weekend's gamenight events :).



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Too bad I can't make the TF2 night, I have an alumni dance that time and I can't miss it :/


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Just wondering how long this will run? I'd love to play but I don't get home anywhere near early enough to start playing from the beginning. :c